Frequently asked questions about SecuForms

Send data instantly, securely and easily

What are SecuForms and what do I use them for?

SecuForms are secure online forms by FTAPI. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, they allow you to securely collect even the most sensitive of data online in compliance with data protection regulations. Personal data is protected pursuant to GDPR based on state-of-the-art processes. Traditional web forms do not offer sufficient protection. SecuForms are therefore the right solution for personal content, e.g. for authorities, online applications, membership applications, digital sickness reports etc. SecuForms are fully customisable allowing all types of forms to be used. Combined with FTAPI SecuFlows, there are various options for automatically processing data, e.g. through direct transfer to a third-party system.

Why are SecuForms more secure than standard web forms?

As part of the FTAPI SecuCloud, SecuForms offer end-to-end encryption and – unlike standard web forms that rely on unencrypted emails – securely deliver data to the authorised recipient. In particular, personal data that is subject to high levels of protection pursuant to GDPR is optimally protected.

Is all data end-to-end encrypted?

SecuForms offer four levels of security. With security levels 3 and 4, you can enjoy true end-to-end encryption. You can also choose a lower level of security for less sensitive data. This can be easily configured using our intuitive form builder.

Which fields can I configure and is it possible to upload files?

The form builder gives you free reign to customise your forms. All standard fields and data types such as text, email, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, date and date fields, numbers and links can generally be customised. You can also add an option to upload files or signature boxes to your forms.

Can I customise the form’s design?

You can customise the appearance of the form using the form builder. This allows you to adapt the SecuForm to your website design.

How do I integrate SecuForms into my website?

SecuForms can be integrated into your website using iFrame or via a div-container.

Can FTAPI view the files provided?

No. FTAPI works based on zero-knowledge protocol. This means that nobody other than the authorised individuals (recipients are easily defined in the form builder) can view the files.

Who can create and amend the SecuForms?

This setting depends on the permissions granted and can be individually configured by you. You can allow certain forms to be edited by the relevant departments, for example.

Can I make SecuForms available in multiple languages?

Yes, SecuForms can be provided in multiple languages. Localisation is performed using a corresponding section in the form builder.

Is it possible to securely identify the people providing data?

Depending on the area of application, there are various options for ensuring only authorised users access the form or securely identifying users. For example, the form can be placed in a login-protected area and/or viewed using two-factor authentication.

Identification using BayernID can be used in official establishments, for example.