Secure Forms with FTAPI SecuForms.

Create digital forms individually & automate them easily.

Create GDPR-compliant online forms.

FTAPI SecuForms

The FTAPI SecuForms are your secure forms for structured data input. With FTAPI SecuForms you offer an automated solution for encrypted data submission directly via your website or online platform: The digital forms for invoices, applications, registrations, customer data and much more create a secure digital data input channel for your company.

With FTAPI SecuForms, you facilitate both data entry and the corresponding further processing of data within your organization. The FTAPI SecuForms make the digital receipt of data and documents a secure and goal-oriented process for everyone involved. FTAPI’s online forms are easily configurable and ready to use.

Data submission made easy.

Experience the FTAPI SecuForms in action.

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Numerous application possibilities.

Create exactly the form you need.


Create registration forms securely online in compliance with data protection.

Tax declaration

Income tax data and client information received in compliance with data protection regulations and in a traceable manner.

Notification of illness

Receive sick notes digitally, systematically and GDPR-compliant.

Contact form

Structure general inquiries and route them to the correct recipients.​

Dog tax

Digital receipt and further processing of personal data for official applications.

Your advantages with FTAPI SecuForms.

Part of the holistic Secure Data Workflow Platform.

Highest security

The transmitted data is protected with the FTAPI encryption technology (optional end-to-end encryption).


Meet all data protection and compliance rules when data is received.

Immediately operational

FTAPI integrates your SecuForms into your IT infrastructure with little effort.

Configure with ease

Adjust the fields and texts of the FTAPI SecuForms individually and to your requirements.

More time for the essentials

Structure the digital data input & minimize the time required for your employees.

Automate further processing (optional)

The digitization of the data input via FTAPI SecuForms creates the potential to automate the further processing of the data.

Are you ready for automated data collection?​

Unleash your automation potential together with our FTAPI expert team.
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Benefits for your business.​

Digitize forms & process data paperless.

Do you process large amounts of data and documents from customers, applicants, partners or suppliers in your company? With the FTAPI SecuForms, all data arrives at you in the form in which you can process it further. Specified input fields ensure that you only receive the data that you really need.

FTAPI’s secure forms ensure that your company handles sensitive data securely. With FTAPI SecuForms, you not only opt for software based on the latest encryption technology, but also for competent German-speaking customer support.

No more redundant data.

FTAPI SecuForms Bewerbung
With the FTAPI SecuForms you design the digital data input securely, structured and in compliance with data protection.

Benefits for your administrators.

Digitize & automate online forms for optimal input management.

The use of digital forms on your company’s website enables efficient electronic data entry in all file formats. Control your data input with digital forms and automate the subsequent processing with the easy-to-use software from FTAPI.

Thanks to the quickly installed forms, you can digitize the processing of information and documents in a secure and standardized way. This not only saves costs, but also makes it possible to invest more resources in the really value-adding activities of your colleagues.

Save resources. Facilitate processes.​

FTAPI SecuForm Oberfläche
Link the FTAPI SecuForms with internal systems and automatically trigger the correct further processing of the data.

Identify your automation potential with the FTAPI experts.

Benefits for your employees.

The right form for every application within minutes.

Create an individualized form for each application within a few minutes, which you can integrate on any platform and website. In the template, specify what information the sender should leave, who will receive the data, which file formats and sizes can be submitted using the form, and the level of security with which the data should be transmitted.

With the easily configurable FTAPI SecuForms, you receive data securely and in a structured manner. They facilitate data entry and the subsequent data input management in equal measure. The secure forms are ready to use immediately.

Instant secure forms.​

FTAPI SecuForms Steuern
Create secure & individual online forms with just a few clicks.

Part of the holistic FTAPI Secure Data Workflow platform.

The FTAPI Secuforms are part of the holistic FTAPI platform with leading encryption technology for legally compliant data security in data-based business processes. All products are compatible and map sensitive data workflows easily and securely. In this way, relevant business processes can be digitized and automated from a single source.

Frequently asked questions about FTAPI SecuForms.

As part of the FTAPI SecuCloud, SecuForms offer consistent end-to-end encryption and – unlike conventional web forms that use unencrypted e-mails – securely deliver the data entered to the authorized recipient. In particular, personal data, for which the GDPR requires a high level of protection, is optimally protected.
SecuForms offer four different security levels. With security levels 3 and 4, you have the option of true end-to-end encryption. You can also choose a lower level of protection for less sensitive data. Configuration is easy with our intuitive form builder.
The form builder offers you a wide range of options for creating individual forms. In principle, all common field and data types such as text, e-mail, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, date and date range, numbers or links are possible. You can also add file uploads or signature fields to your forms.
Über den Form-Builder lassen sich verschiedene Einstellungen zum Aussehen der Formulare vornehmen. So können Sie die SecuForms an das Aussehen Ihrer Webseite angleichen.
You can integrate the SecuForms into your website using an iFrame or a Div container.
No. FTAPI works according to the zero-knowledge principle. This means that no one but the authorized person (the recipient or recipients are easily defined in the form builder) can see the submitted data.

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