Secure data transfer

Secure file transfer for companies.

File transfer for companies: Send files securely, easily & in compliance with GDPR.

Efficient and secure data transfer is increasingly becoming a challenge in the heavily regulated corporate environment. Data protection regulations within Germany and the EU are constantly changing, as are the requirements for online data transfer. Digitalization is also leading to an ever-increasing amount of data shared online with customers, colleagues and partners. In particular, companies are more and more dependent on secure alternatives to cloud services for transferring files.

A normal mailbox is no longer up to the challenges of digital data transfer – both in terms of data security and due to the size limits for sending and receiving files.

Make your data exchange processes sustainable – with FTAPI.

FTAPI SecuMails – the secure solution for professional data transfer.

FTAPI provides you with solutions for every security-critical challenge to do with data transfer in companies. With FTAPI SecuMails, you are not only opting for professional, secure file transfer, but also for excellent German-speaking customer support and software based on the latest encryption technology.

FTAPI SecuMails

With FTAPI SecuMails, you can send and receive files of any size easily via email or via a web interface directly in the browser. The software enables the secure data transfer of sensitive and large files between customers, partners and colleagues. Easily implement your company’s data protection policies in your daily communication – from anywhere and easy to use – with automated key exchange and optionally with end-to-end encryption.

You can choose from the following user interfaces for using SecuMails:

Outlook Add-In
Outlook Add-In
Encryption and data transfer direct in a familiar environment.
Simple and secure file transfer via the browser.
Receive large and sensitive data securely from external parties with the FTAPI digital mailbox.
iOS App
iOS App
Sending data in encrypted form from your smartphone.

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Protecting your privacy is our number one priority at FTAPI.

Encryption is carried out with FTAPI according to the zero-knowledge principle: All files to be sent are securely encrypted before the file transfer. This means that they can only be converted into plain text when they reach the recipient, using the password assigned in advance. As a result, no one except the sender and recipient can see the communication or encrypted data – not even FTAPI.

Implementing compliance and governance guidelines in your company is a piece of cake with FTAPI. All FTAPI solutions have the leading SecuPass technology in use, with AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, the software is 100% produced in Germany and hosted in highly secure German data centers.

Secure file transfer with FTAPI.

Your benefits.

Maximum security

You have the choice of four different security levels – from secure download link to end-to-end encryption of data.


Online data transfer guaranteed GDPR-compliant in accordance with all applicable laws in Germany and the EU.

“Zero-knowledge” principle

No one except the sender and recipient can see the data sent – not even FTAPI.

No limit on the file size

You can also send very large files securely and in encrypted form.

Made & hosted in Germany

The software and the data are hosted in a German data center. This fulfills the legal requirements (DE + EU) for the protection of personal data.

Easy handling

The use and administration of all FTAPI solutions are easy to understand. FTAPI fits seamlessly into existing processes and can be used directly in Outlook or via an app, for example.

Build trust with your customers through company-wide secure data transfer.


Very secure. Thanks to optional end-to-end encryption and application of the “zero-knowledge” principle, no one except the sender and recipient has insight into the data. FTAPI uses the latest encryption technologies, which comply with all legal data protection regulations.
With FTAPI, you have a choice of four security levels – from an encrypted download link to an end-to-end encrypted email with file attachment – you choose who receives your data and how.