Our certifications

Data security and data protection are of central importance at FTAPI.

In order to make the quality of our products comprehensible and transparent for our customers and partners, we regularly undergo audits that certify that our products and services meet the high requirements for data protection and information security.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

The internationally leading standard describes the requirements for the implementation and documentation of an information security management system (ISMS). The certification confirms the successful implementation of an ISMS and sustainably supports the assurance of the availability of IT systems and processes as well as the confidentiality of information.

BSI C5 Testat


The Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue (C5) contains the information security requirements of cloud providers and thus provides an important reference point for companies and authorities looking for a trustworthy service provider. Testing includes an in-depth review of security measures and processes by an independent third party to ensure that services meet the highest security requirements and comply with current IT security regulations for cloud computing.

Syss Certified Product - Approved Security

Syss Certified Product

Software components and products are examined for vulnerabilities as part of the Syss security audit. The focus of the security analysis is on security-relevant functions such as authentication, authorisation and encryption. Various analysis methods are used to search for possible security weaknesses that can be exploited from different attacker perspectives.

Software Hosted in Germany

Software Hosted in Germany

The seal of the initiative of the Federal Association of IT SMEs (BITMI e.V.) distinguishes software that takes German data protection law and other criteria into account. Among other things, the seal confirms that the software and data are hosted in a data centre in Germany and that they do not leave Germany – unless the client requires this.

Software Made in Germany

Software Made in Germany

The seal of the initiative of the Federal Association of IT SMEs (BITMI e.V.) is awarded to companies in Germany that distinguish themselves through high quality standards and above-average service. Among other things, it confirms that the software was developed and tested in Germany and that user interfaces, instructions and sales and service support are multilingual or available in German. In addition, the software is investment-proof and further development is contractually guaranteed.

audatis cert testat

Audited processor

The data protection audit of audatis Cert GmbH serves to prove the appropriate and effective implementation of general data protection requirements as well as technical and organisational measures taken (Art. 32 DS-GVO) by the processor (Art. 28 DS-GVO). Special focus is placed on the operation, development and maintenance of software.


Certification sought

Among the other testates targeted by FTAPI in the near future is the TISAX®*.

* TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.