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Optimize accounting – automate accounting.

Invoices, reminders and receipts are still often received, processed and sent manually in companies today. This is a tedious, time-consuming task for employees in the accounting department. Numerous documents have to be managed manually, stored securely and be able to be shared quickly as needed. The personal data of customers and employees contained therein is subject to special protection. Since the GDPR came into force in May 2018 companies face heavy fines if they fail to comply with requirements. Up to 20 million euros or four percent of global annual sales may be due.

Automating your accounting not only strengthens your efficiency, but also provides you with greater data security. FTAPI provides you with powerful digital solutions with which you can now optimize your accounting tasks in a simple, secure and in a legally compliant manner.

Do not waste time and automate your accounting. With FTAPI’s secure data workflows.

Your benefits with automation in accounting.

Optimize your processes by automating your accounting.

A secure digital invoicing workflow makes your company more economical. Benefit from FTAPI’s intelligent solutions and make your processes more efficient.

Dispatching invoices – securely and automated.

Secure data output is one of the flagships in the area of data protection in companies. With FTAPI SecuFlows, a digital and fully automated invoice dispatch is possible in real time – and 100% encrypted if desired. You also benefit from automated accounting when working with your tax advisor, which you can implement easily and quickly with FTAP software. The data exchange is uncomplicated, reliable and subject to the highest security standards.

In real time and reliable.

Design invoice receipts securely and self-determined.

Data input can also be set up with FTAPI in an uncomplicated manner. Provide your customers with a secure and efficient alternative to conventional dispatch by mail. With FTAPI SecuForms, your individually configurable online forms, you manage the digital invoice receipt in a simple, secure and structured manner. In addition, you have the option of connecting your internal systems and further processing the incoming data directly.

Customizable and structured.

Automated reminder dispatch – simple, reliable and secure.

Sending reminders is one of the classic tasks in accounting. Automation in accounting also provides useful services here. Because it saves you valuable time in bookkeeping and helps to send reminders on time without delay. Link your existing accounting software easily with FTAPI and benefit from the automated dispatch of reminders. This relieves your employees, is more efficient and, incidentally, also secure and GDPR compliant.

On time and efficient.

Learn how to automate your accounting with FTAPI.

Benefit from the advantages of digitalization by automating your accounting.

Highest security

Compliance with GDPR guidelines when processing data is ensured, among other things, by the state-of-the-art encryption methods – up to and including end-to-end encryption.

Simple operation

FTAPI products can be easily and smoothly combined with each other and seamlessly integrated into your existing systems. Their use is intuitive and easy to understand.

High speed

Documents are automated and quickly shipped.

Maximum cost efficiency

Employees do not lose time with executive activities and can be motivated to concentrate on their core business.

Digital availability

In times of globalization and working from home, documents are available up to date from anywhere.

Sustainable processes

Digital workflows create space and protect the environment – lower printing and paper costs relieve companies, save valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions.
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