Integrations and technology partners

Even better in a team.

As middleware, FTAPI connects to most applications without additional programming or major setup effort. Certain features, including the Outlook add-on are even directly part of our product.

Discover our premium integrations, interfaces and technology partners.

Premium integrations.

Microsoft Outlook

Send files and messages securely with our add-on – directly from Outlook and optionally with encryption.

Microsoft Teams

Include FTAPI as a page in Microsoft Teams and share documents securely without leaving the application.


Premium virus scanner automatically scans incoming documents for malware – exclusively in the ISO 27001-certified cloud environment.


Make all processes related to online appointments simple, secure, and compliant with data protection laws.

Top interfaces.

FTAPI SecuFlows connect your most important applications through secure and automated data workflows. This saves you time, effort and costs.
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Microsoft BizTalk






REST API - For all cases.

You don’t need your own interface to integrate FTAPI: As long as your desired application supports the widespread REST API, you can connect FTAPI. This gives you unlimited possibilities for secure data workflows. Do you already have a wish or a specific idea?

Process and industry-specific interfaces.

Use FTAPI to automate a variety of industry and department-specific data workflows. FTAPI SecuFlows work in conjunction with almost all interfaces.

Payroll and HR processes.

Laboratory systems.

The most secure platform for exchanging sensitive data.

More than a data exchange platform - rethinking digital data protection with FTAPI.

Technology and security partners.

When it comes to hosting and security, FTAPI relies only on true value partners and industry experts.

Audited security.

We have FTAPI’s security concept audited on a regular basis. To ensure that we continue to set the highest standards for your data security, we work together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC).