Digital Recruiting and Digital Application

A lot of untapped potential in the online recruiting process.

File transfer for companies: Send files securely, easily & GDPR-compliant.

Many companies already use online applications in their recruiting process. However, the full potential of digital data entry is rarely exploited. In addition, companies have to be particularly careful with the personal data of applicants. Because they enjoy comprehensive protection thanks to the DSGVO.

The FTAPI SecuFlow for secure online applications comes into play here and creates a smart recruiting process that not only complies with data protection regulations, but also raises the efficiency of the application process to a new level. Applicants’ data is received in a completely secure and structured manner via an online form. The right contact persons are informed and the data is automatically transferred to existing IT systems.

This creates a uniform database and ensures that applications are comparable and can be evaluated more quickly. This significantly reduces the administrative effort and speeds up the selection process considerably.

Do you want to reduce the administrative burden of your application process and speed up the evaluation?

This is what the switch to secure online applications brings you.

Your advantages.


The encrypted transmission of data creates trust and fulfils legal requirements.

Uniform data input

Uniform data entry makes it easier to compare and evaluate applications.

Efficiency increase

Applications are evaluated more quickly and made available to the right contacts.

No registration

You will receive more applications as there are no unnecessary hurdles for candidates.

Individually customisable

You define which data is queried and how. This guarantees that you have all the important information at hand.

Quickly ready for use

Fast rollout, no lengthy project, ready for the first application with just a few clicks.

What happens with the secure online application?

Step 1

Applicants fill out a secure and GDPR-compliant online form with all important data and upload attachments.

Step 2

When submitting the form, all entries and attachments are encrypted and securely transmitted while still in the browser.

The relevant contact person in the HR department will receive a notification.

Step 3

All data and files from the application go directly into the company's IT system. Nothing has to be transferred by hand. The information is reliably protected during the entire transfer.

Only selected employees in the HR department have direct access via existing systems.

Step 4

The documents can be automatically transferred in part or in full to other systems and used there.

The recipients can thus continue to work in their familiar environment.

Learn how FTAPI automates your online applications.

A selection of our SecuFlow customers.

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Frequently asked questions about the secure online application.

It is entirely up to you which data you request from applicants. The online form is created with just a few clicks and can be configured individually. All fields and texts of the form can be adapted yourself and made mandatory fields – depending on the requirements of the advertised position. And this is done so easily and quickly that no administrator is needed.

We offer a standardised process for secure online applications. This means that only a short check of your specific requirements (third-party systems, interfaces) is necessary and our team can then immediately start the implementation. Implementation is usually possible within a few days.

Our promise: We bring everything necessary to quickly integrate the process into your IT infrastructure. There is no lengthy project and no code is required. All your data is secure and treated confidentially.

With our SecuFlow “secure online application”, we ensure that a closely interlocked process is created between your systems and our technologies. The applicants’ data is both completely secure (DSGVO compliant) and structured and is automatically transferred to existing IT systems. As a result, applications can be evaluated and compared more effectively and can be made available to the specialist departments more quickly. This saves valuable time in the application process and reduces the administrative workload in the HR department.

No, candidates do not have to register to submit an application. This keeps the process streamlined and removes unnecessary hurdles for applicants.

As soon as the candidate has submitted his or her application via the form and the data has been transferred to the company’s IT system, the relevant contact person from the HR department will be informed by e-mail or also via FTAPI delivery.

You can determine yourself the security level with which the applications are transmitted. However, we recommend end-to-end encrypted transmission of the data. In this case, all entries (applicant data) and attachments (references, photo, certificates, work samples,…) are encrypted in the browser when the form is sent and then transmitted completely securely and in accordance with data protection regulations. In this way, you not only fulfil legal requirements, but also create trust among your applicants.

Via the so-called whitelisting, you can determine yourself which file formats your applicants are allowed to submit.

After submitting the form, the applicant will be informed directly in the browser about the successful submission of his/her application. Another option is, for example, notification by e-mail.