Enterprise Filesharing

Store and share encrypted files and folders securely online

Secure file sharing in the company

At the latest since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, a data protection violation is no longer a trivial offense. As soon as personal data reach unauthorized third parties, severe fines can be incurred. 
In particular, companies that not only store data but also share them for common use should take data security very seriously. A data vault is secure, but offers no way of securely sharing or accessing data across company boundaries.  

Many banks, hospitals and authorities are now using  secure file sharing solutions to get their sensitive data to the person concerned. Enterprise File Sharing is not only more secure but also more practical than many other public file sharing solutions or even the sending of data via email.

The secure file sharing alternative to conventional cloud services.

Why do I need an Enterprise File Sharing solution for my business?

You can master digital data exchange with enterprise solutions in a legally compliant and secure manner. File sharing using an enterprise solution also creates the following advantages in your company:

  • They do away with shadow IT: By offering a safe and easy data sharing solution, your employees will not even think about using free file sharing solutions.
  • They increase productivity and efficiency: Thanks to the detailed folder structure of data rooms, flexible assignment of rights when sharing data, and intelligent notification and comment functions, there are optimum framework conditions for the shared use of documents.
  • They create transparency and traceability: The clear history of approvals and authorizations for files and data rooms makes collaboration easier and increases transparency overall. This improves the motivation of your employees and team dynamics in the long term.
  • You create trust by means of security: With the secure and user-friendly application of FTAPI you build trust with colleagues, customers and partners.
Banish shadow IT and insecure file sharing solutions from your company once and for all.
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Solutions for secure file sharing

Store files online, upload documents and share folders – be on the safe side with the file sharing solution from FTAPI

To ensure that the GDPR does not become a mammoth task, FTAPI helps you to exchange legally protected data with employees, customers and partners securely. In our virtual data rooms, you store your data in encrypted form, in an audit-proof manner and in compliance with the GDPR at all times. 

FTAPI SecuRooms – Enterprise file sharing with virtual data room

The FTAPI SecuRooms represent a completely secure and at the same time simple solution for secure file sharing. The browser-based data rooms offer a GDPR-compliant and audit-proof storage location for sensitive files of all sizes. Share your data with stakeholders, assign roles and access rights and create a trusting environment for secure data storage and file sharing across organizational boundaries.

This is how secure Enterprise File Sharing from FTAPI is

– Your benefits –

  • Coded & hosted in Germany

    The software is programmed and hosted 100% in Germany.

  • ISO certified data centers

    FTAPI software runs in ISO 27001 certified data centers.

  • High security encryption

    Proven SecuPass technology based on AES 256-bit encryption .

  • GDPR compliant

    Easily comply with privacy policies with FTAPI .

  • Protection against cyber attacks

    FTAPI encryption protects against cyber crime – more securely than VPN.

  • Role and rights assignment

    You decide who gets access to your sensitive data.

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More security features for your users

Useful additions for even more security in your company

Two-factor authentication

To protect user accounts and verify recipients

  • Easy to use thanks to the simple text message TAN procedure
  • Prevents unauthorized access to accounts/sensitive data
  • Easy and fast implementation

Single-Sign-On via SAML

Secure authentication method for multiple applications

  • User-friendly, as only one set of login data is required
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Easy and fast implementation


How do I contact customer support?

You can reach the German-speaking FTAPI customer support by phone or easily via the contact form. You also have the option of arranging a personal consultation appointment at any time via the FTAPI booking portal.


How does Enterprise File Sharing differ from “normal” file sharing?

The Enterprise File Sharing solution from FTAPI guarantees 100% data security when exchanging data – thanks to integrated encryption technology. In addition, the application is more user-friendly and has a far greater range of functions than the common file sharing solutions that are known from private use. You can find more information on our FTAPI SecuRooms product page.


FTAPI SecuRooms – the virtual data rooms

Securely and easily share, make available and share sensitive data.