Virtual data rooms

Online data room – a secure place for your documents and sensitive data.

Numerous companies already rely on virtual data rooms for their secure data exchange. But what exactly is a data room?

A virtual data room, also known as an electronic data room or virtual business room, is a protected digital space for securely storing and sharing business data, project files or other sensitive files of any size.

Thanks to their wide range of functions, data rooms offer a secure and practical alternative to free file sharing services. For example, a data room has an activity history, optional end-to-end encryption and rights management, which facilitates the organized and controlled sharing of data with internal and external users.

A secure data room for your confidential file exchange.

The solution for sending large files.

Are you looking for a data room provider from Germany? Then FTAPI is the right place for you. FTAPI has been supporting municipal administrations, SMEs and large corporations with secure data transfer and the secure digitalization of data exchange processes since 2010. Banish shadow IT and insecure file sharing solutions from your company or authority once and for all!

Make the switch now: Store your data encrypted, audit-proof and GDPR-compliant in FTAPI’s virtual data rooms. Share even very large files with people inside and outside your organization and meet strict compliance regulations thanks to optional end-to-end encryption.

Your individual, virtual data room against shadow IT.

Find out how FTAPI can reduce shadow IT in your company.

FTAPI offers you solutions for every security-critical challenge relating to data transfer in companies. With FTAPI SecuRooms, you not only opt for professional, secure file transfer, but also for outstanding German-speaking customer support and software based on the latest encryption technology.

FTAPI SecuRooms - data rooms for secure file sharing.

FTAPI SecuRooms are your encrypted data rooms for the secure storage of your sensitive company data. The browser-based virtual data rooms offer a GDPR-compliant and audit-proof storage location for sensitive files of any size. No matter when, where and from which end device. Store and share your data with different user groups, assign roles and access rights and create a secure environment for data exchange – even across organizational boundaries.

Benefit from the secure FTAPI data rooms.

Your advantages.

Maximum security

All FTAPI software solutions use state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Integrative solutions

Data rooms and all other FTAPI software solutions can be integrated into your existing IT structure without any major hurdles.

Zero-knowledge principle

Nobody gets to see your data – not even FTAPI.


Browser-based, easy to use with an intuitive user interface.

File versions available immediately

All users have worldwide access to the latest file version.

Simple assignment of roles and rights

Assign and manage file shares individually and flexibly.

Typical use cases for virtual data rooms.

Project work

Designing project work securely: More and more companies are creating added value within interdisciplinary project work. Secure data exchange, e.g. within construction projects, board communication, client communication, citizen communication, etc., is guaranteed in data rooms.

Client communication

Secure client and lawyer communication: data security is crucial here. When sensitive documents are exchanged with authorities, clients and partners, you need a secure and reliable digital solution that also complies with data protection regulations. Even for large files.

Due Dilligence

Data room for due diligence processes: Takeovers and investments always require the exchange of confidential data. The data room offers a virtual alternative to the locked data safe, in which data can be securely stored but not exchanged.
Industry Residential Building & Real Estate

Construction projects

Exchanging large files in construction projects: As part of construction projects, large files regularly need to be exchanged between different partners. Secure online data exchange of large project files is no longer a problem with the help of virtual data rooms.

Frequently asked questions about virtual data rooms.

A virtual data room is a protected digital space for the secure storage and transfer of business data, project files or other files worthy of protection of any size.
Data rooms are used for a wide range of purposes. They are most frequently used for secure collaboration in large-scale projects, for due diligence audits or in the context of sensitive communication, e.g. within the company board or management. There are now also defined standards and compliance regulations for secure data exchange in numerous industries. Data rooms are used in tax consultancy and auditing (e.g. storage and provision of sensitive documents), in clinics, manufacturing companies and public authorities.
No. FTAPI works according to the zero-knowledge principle. This means that no one except authorized users can view and decrypt encrypted communication.
FTAPI only uses secure, certified data centers located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.