Sending large files

Convenient transfer of large files – secure & without prior knowledge

Sending large files securely – without restrictions via email

Securely and easily with FTAPI

Sending large files can be a challenge if data security is the top priority. Most commercial filesharing services for sending large amounts of data do not provide encrypted data transmission. This leaves your large files open to avoidable security risks, which can be business-critical, especially for companies and authorities. Whether high-resolution video files, 3D animations, complex design data, presentations or else the results of imaging procedures. When sending large files, every email program immediately reaches its limits.

As an alternative to sending large files, companies often resort to FTP solutions. However, these are complex to set up and use. Some therefore use free filesharing services.  What both tools have in common is that they are not secure. Data is sent unencrypted or the server is in regions without legal data protection. A makeshift solution therefore turns into a security risk.

Are you looking for a secure solution for sending large files? FTAPI has the solution for you!

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The solution for sending large files

Play it safe with FTAPI: send large files in encrypted form and in compliance with data protection laws – all without prior IT knowledge and with little need for support. The FTAPI solution for sending large amounts of data can be quickly implemented and is easy to use.

FTAPI SecuMails – exchange large files securely

FTAPI SecuMails enables you to send large files securely to customers, partners and colleagues. Anywhere in the world, easy to use, with automatic key exchange and with convenient end-to-end encryption.

Sending large files securely with FTAPI

– Your benefits –

  • No size limit

    With FTAPI SecuMails, you can easily send even large files as an email attachment. A real alternative to private cloud services.

  • Maximum security

    FTAPI offers four security levels: you determine who gets your data and how – from secure download link to end-to-end encryption for email messages and file attachments.

  • Easy to use

    Send large files securely with FTAPI SecuMails from Outlook or conveniently via browser.

  • Utmost transparency

    Each time your data is delivered, you receive proof of receipt and download. This creates maximum traceability.

  • GDPR & Compliance

    Send sensitive data in compliance with data protection regulations. Automated deletion periods comply with Art. 15 GDPR.

  • Free guest accounts

    It is sufficient if the sending or receiving party has an FTAPI license. Guest accounts are always free and there is no guest account limit.

Use Cases

Fields of application for sending large, sensitive files

  • High definition video files
  • Project files in construction
  • Complex design data
  • Results of imaging procedures in medicine
  • extensive management board presentations
  • 3D renderings


Where is the data stored?

The data is hosted by German companies in certified data centers located in Germany. Get in contact with us for more information.

Is there a size limit for sending large amounts of data?

In principle, no. With the FTAPI solutions, you can send even very large files.

FTAPI SecuMails

Send and receive files of any size and sensitive data easily and securely per e-mail. Encryption directly in the e-mail inbox.