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FTP – what about security?

File Transfer Protocol, in short FTP, is a file transfer technique that has been in use since 1985. However, it is now known that FTP is not secure. Access to the FTP server is gained via a control mechanism (user name and password). However, both the upload to the server and the download from the server are unencrypted. Advanced versions such as SFTP or FTPS do offer more security during transmission. However, data is also stored in plain text here. In both cases, attackers therefore have an easy time gaining access to sensitive data. With fatal consequences for the companies concerned.

But it is not only hacking that poses a threat. Also the transparency and traceability of activities on the FTP server do not meet the requirements of the GDPR. With an insecure FTP solution, companies therefore risk not only substantial damage to their reputation, but also high fines.

Do away with old technology and make the data transmission in your company secure! With the efficient, GDPR-compliant solutions of FTAPI.

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Say goodbye to outdated technology and go to a secure FTP alternative.

Although there is a broad consensus today about the relevance of SSL encryption and secure cloud solutions, many companies still rely on problematic technologies such as FTP for file sharing. One reason for this is because FTP has already been integrated into the IT infrastructure of companies for many years. Over time, elaborate workarounds were attempted to counter the security vulnerabilities. Often, responsible employees have in the meantime left the company. The complexity that has arisen poses major challenges for IT departments.

But why are companies still reluctant to replace FTP? The fear that implementing and operating a secure MFT solution may be significantly more expensive compared to the supposedly free FTP may play a role here. However, especially in view of the high costs that can arise from the maintenance of complex systems and the security risks associated with FTP, this notion proves to be false. Therefore, companies should update file transfers sooner rather than later.

FTP server - complex & out of date.

Solutions as an alternative to FTP.

Transfer and store files securely with FTAPI SecuRooms.

FTAPI SecuRooms

FTAPI SecuRooms represent a completely secure and at the same time simple solution for secure file sharing. The browser-based data rooms provide a GDPR-compliant and audit-proof storage location for sensitive files of any size. Share your data with stakeholders, assign roles and access rights, and create a trusted environment for secure data storage and file sharing across organizational boundaries.

Send unlimited files securely with FTAPI SecuMails.

FTAPI SecuMails

With FTAPI SecuMails, you can send and receive files of any size easily by email or via a web interface directly in the browser. The software enables you to securely transfer sensitive and large files between customers, partners and employees. Easily implement your company’s data protection policies in your daily communication – location-independent, easy to use, with automatic key exchange and optional end-to-end encryption.

Transfer and store files securely with FTAPI SecuRooms.

Benefits of FTAPI SecuRooms compared with FTP:


FTAPI SecuRooms offers a secure file sharing solution, whose transfer encryption meets the requirements of the GDPR.

Comprehensive encryption technology

Data is permanently encrypted on the server both during transmission and storage.

Full control over the data

Access to the data can be precisely regulated for different persons and data rooms. Special rights, which are assigned to external and internal persons, create security and flexibility in project work.

Secure and easy access to the data

All you need to be able to access the data is a mobile terminal and a browser.

Full transparency and traceability

Thanks to the integrated history, you have an overview of all data activities at any time. This is a crucial requirement of the GDPR.

Simple compatibility with all your systems

You can link FTAPI SecuRooms in an uncomplicated manner to your existing infrastructure. Access is browser-based. Additional IT knowhow is not needed.

Send files of any size securely worldwide with FTAPI SecuMails.

Benefits of FTAPI SecuMails compared with FTP:

Secure data transfer thanks to transfer encryption

You can choose between four different security levels when sending – from secure download link to end-to-end encryption.

Seamless integration into existing systems

Employees can use FTAPI SecuMails browser-based within their familiar environment and send and receive encrypted e-mails for example directly via Outlook.

Transparency and clarity

Download confirmations give you an overview and traceability of interactions.

Use Cases - How the use of FTAPI’s secure software solutions benefit you in your everyday work

Print release

Quickly and smoothly process print jobs up to several 100 GB in size, as is common in print and media companies. Data receipt, further processing and customer approval are possible simply and without any problems with FTAPI SecuForms.
Industry Manufacturing

Sending large files

Send high-resolution video files, extensive project plans and 3D renderings simply and securely with FTAPI SecuMails.

Secure data exchange

Whether it’s the exchange of complex construction plans, confidential due diligence documents or client and lawyer communication – virtual data rooms create security at the highest level.

Home Office and mobile work

Due to the Corona pandemic, the home office has become firmly established in everyday working life. In addition, many companies are increasingly relying on international teams and employees, who are distributed around the world and work from home. Create data security in the home office with FTAPI.

Project work

Design project work and collaboration across locations efficiently and securely. With FTAPI’s browser-based solutions you can work from anywhere on joint projects in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Bring your infrastructure up to date with FTAPI software.

FTP is insecure and outdated in many respects. Even the advanced version does not offer sufficient security. Namely, SSTP only encrypts the transmission. Data storage is still unencrypted. In addition to the problematic security aspects, the setup and maintenance of SFTP and FTP require costly IT resources. File sharing with external persons is also complicated and requires further IT overhead. Transparency and traceability about changes to files and data shares are not provided.

Basically, it can be said that the use of outdated FTP systems not only drastically inhibits the efficiency of companies. The dangers posed by FTP’s lack of security can cause significant difficulties for companies. All of these problems can be avoided with modern solutions. Don’ waste any time and say goodbye to outdated systems that pose a security risk. Bring your company’s file transfers up to date. With FTAPI’s secure solutions.


Data transmission using the file transfer protocol is generally unencrypted. Unauthorized persons can therefore simply read sensitive data. Even the supposedly “secure” SFTP variant encrypts data during transfer – but the storage on the FTP server is again unencrypted.
A secure alternative to FTP should be able to transfer and store large amounts of data in an absolutely secure and GDPR-compliant manner. The use of encryption technology is essential here. This ensures that data cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons at any time. All file-sharing solutions that guarantee such encryption both during uploads and downloads, as well as during the storage of data on the server, are therefore suitable.

FTAPI SecuRooms:

With FTAPI SecuRooms, you can store and share data easily and securely across company boundaries. Individual access rights and an integrated history facilitate administration and create maximum transparency. Use in the browser is simple and straightforward. All data is encrypted at all times and cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons.

FTAPI SecuMails:

Sending and receiving e-mails with FTAPI SecuMails offers maximum security and flexibility: Four security levels are available for sending – from secure download links to end-to-end encryption. Users can send even very large files browser-based and in their familiar Outlook environment. Download confirmations provide even more transparency.