The most secure platform for exchanging sensitive data

More than a data exchange platform – Rethink digital data protection with FTAPI

Secure Data Workflows for Companies

FTAPI takes a holistic approach to addressing the challenges of data exchange processes. The FTAPI platform offers you powerful solutions that can be used together to implement sensitive data workflows easily and securely. With this, data-based business processes can be digitized, automated and scaled from a single source. Share your data securely and encrypted with FTAPI, your integrated solution for sustainable and user-friendly data security in your company.

As soon as sensitive data crosses corporate boundaries, it is often unprotected. Data protection must also be given the highest priority. FTAPI is your partner for the secure transfer of digital data and files. The FTAPI platform covers all aspects of secure data exchange – from secure data entry and protected data transfer to secure storage of sensitive data and project files in a virtual data room.

This is how secure data exchange on the internet works!
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Advantages of the FTAPI Platform

  • Highly secure encryption

    The FTAPI encryption technology is based on especially secure AES encryption with a key length of 256 bits

  • Four different security levels

    Your data is end-to-end encrypted

  • GDPR compliant

    The FTAPI encryption technology used, guarantees legally compliant data exchange

  • Made & hosted in Germany

    FTAPI only uses servers in German locations

  • Customizable & scalable

    All software solutions are modular and can be configured to increase productivity

  • Personal vendor support

    Right from the start, you have a personal contact within FTAPI support

Components of the FTAPI Secure Data Platform

Simple solutions for complex challenges based on a unified technology

The FTAPI platform offers you an integrated product portfolio based on state-of-the-art encryption technology with compatible solutions for the secure data transfer and the automation of sensitive data workflows. Send, encrypt and manage data of any size flexibly and easily with our secure software solutions for encrypted data exchange. 

FTAPI Features

Useful additions for even more security in your company

Two-factor authentication

To protect user accounts and verify recipients

  • Easy to use thanks to the simple text message TAN procedure
  • Prevents unauthorized access to accounts/sensitive data
  • Easy and fast implementation

Virus scanner

Effective protection against malware via interface with ClamAV

  • Quick and effective review of attachments
  • Offers customized settings and notification options
  • Easy and fast implementation

Single-Sign-On via SAML

Secure authentication method for multiple applications

  • User-friendly, as only one set of login data is required
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Easy and fast implementation


Fully thought-through data security: Secure data exchange, data synchronization and structured automation of data workflows from a single source

  • Most secure platform for data workflows and automation
  • Simple operation, configuration and rollout
  • Minimal effort and is not a lengthy project
  • Highly rated, German-language vendor support
  • Complete operation and hosting in Germany

Your success is paramount

With the FTAPI Secure Data Workflow Platform, you can choose:

  • 100% increased data security

    thanks to end-to-end encryption, high levels of data protection and compliance.

  • Up to 4x faster project execution

    thanks to our cloud first strategy. There is not a lengthy project and no time-consuming IT.

  • 1 integrated platform

    with interconnected products instead of many individual solutions that cannot interact with each other.

  • Up to 70% reduced administrative overhead

    compared to individual on-premises solutions.

  • Up to 50% reduced costs

    with a comprehensive solution that significantly reduces operational, maintenance, and administrative costs.

  • Up to 60% more time for value-added tasks

    by automating time-consuming and repetitive standard tasks.

FTAPI – the Secure Data Workflow Platform

We protect and automate sensitive data workflows across company boundaries