Sending emails securely with
FTAPI SecuMails.

Send and receive sensitive data of any size simply and securely by email.

Encrypt data: with FTAPI SecuMails.

Email encryption.
Intelligent and intuitive.

You want to send files securely by e-mail? Keep full control over all your data – even after clicking the “Send” button. With FTAPI SecuMails you can send even sensitive data of any size encrypted and audit-proof by e-mail.

The optional end-to-end encryption ensures the secure transmission of sensitive data to internal and external recipients. You decide who should receive your data and documents and how.

There are four security levels to choose from, from secure download links to end-to-end encryption. With FTAPI SecuMails, even very large and sensitive files can be sent as e-mail attachments from Outlook. Implement all compliance guidelines with ease, even when exchanging data via e-mail. FTAPI offers you the highest security standards thanks to the proven SecuPass technology. And on top of that, a personal contact person in FTAPI customer support is at your side.

Not at all cryptic.


Areas of application.

Your advantages with FTAPI SecuMails.

Part of FTAPI’s holistic Secure Data Workflow Platform.

Highest security

Whether secure download link or end-to-end encryption, you decide who gets your data and how – simply by e-mail.

Easy to operate

SecuMails is easy to use in Outlook and in the browser. The Outlook add-in is particularly user-friendly.

Any file size possible

With SecuMails you can easily exchange even large files encrypted by email. A secure alternative to cloud service providers.


You receive proof of receipt and download with every delivery. This ensures maximum transparency and auditability.


They send personal data encrypted and in compliance with data protection. The automated deletion periods comply with the requirements of Art. 15 GDPR.

Individual design

Adapt colours, logos, texts to your corporate design. This creates trust among all user groups.

Part of the holistic FTAPI Secure Data Workflow platform.

FTAPI SecuMails is part of the FTAPI Cloud solution for businesses, your secure data exchange platform from Germany. FTAPI’s leading encryption technology guarantees legally compliant data transfer and data workflows even beyond the borders of your company.

With the FTAPI Secure Data Workflow Platform, even complex data workflows can be securely mapped and automated. Up to four security levels are available to protect the data workflows.

Over 2000 companies and more than 1 million active users trust in the secure data and file transfer with FTAPI.

Alexander Glöckler

“We use FTAPI’s product to encrypt our emails and data. We are very satisfied, also in terms of processing and support. A super application.”

Partner & Commercial Manager,
CNC Manufacturing Glöckler KG

Alexander Glöckler

Advantages for your company.

FTAPI SecuMails is your service for encrypted e-mailing of data and files of any size.

Data transfer and data security: Fortunately, these terms no longer contradict each other – with FTAPI SecuMails, you can also send personal data via email in an absolutely secure, encrypted and GDPR-compliant manner.

Secure data transmission and e-mail encryption: GDPR-compliant.

With FTAPI SecuMails you can send sensitive data securely.

Advantages for your administrators.

With FTAPI SecuMails, you send data securely and in compliance with DSGVO.

With FTAPI SecuMails you can easily send sensitive data and large files by e-mail. The email encryption takes place automatically. Manual key exchange or a separate security certificate are not necessary.

The FTAPI SecuPass encryption technology is based on the recommendation of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), with AES encryption and a key length of 256 bits.


FTAPI SecuTransfer WebUI Neue Zustellung

FTAPI SecuMails – Send sensitive data by email.

Advantages for your employees.

Automatic email encryption in Outlook.

Do you exchange personal or sensitive data on a daily basis? Do you work in the public sector? FTAPI SecuMails is your solution for encrypted data transfer: With FTAPI’s encryption technology, you send sensitive data securely and easily – directly via your email programme.

Thanks to SecuPass technology, you send your e-mails in a familiar environment with end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption.

Never again exchange passwords by email.

Experience FTAPI SecuMails in action.

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Frequently asked questions about secure emailing.

No, with FTAPI SecuMails even very large data can be sent as e-mail attachments without any problems. The size restrictions of your mail server are not exceeded by storing the attached file(s) encrypted on the highly secure FTAPI server when sending them with FTAPI SecuMails and then adding a download link in the attachment.

No, only one of the two sides (sender or recipient) requires an FTAPI licence for encrypted email communication.

No, the recipient can provide a secure upload link, the so-called submit box, via which external persons can then submit data to the recipient in encrypted form. The link to the submit box can be integrated at various touchpoints, e.g. in the contact area on the website or in the email signature.

By default, when sending with FTAPI SecuMails, the attachment of the message is encrypted. In addition, security level 4 encrypts not only the attachment but also the email plain text end-to-end.

Always. The guidelines and recommendations for digital communication of organisations are constantly becoming stricter. The guidelines are in the self-interest of companies and authorities, as they can minimise risks such as the loss of business-critical data or intellectual property data. Secure e-mail communication must be guaranteed, both internally and across organisational boundaries.

Furthermore, since May 2018, personal data has been subject to an EU-wide legal regulation in the form of the GDPR. Personal data may only be exchanged or made available on the internet in encrypted form. Many company departments work with data of this kind, such as in administration, in the finance department, in the human resources department and even in sales and marketing. Personal content is often included in contracts, personnel documents, general customer communication, orders or invoices. If you have any questions about the GDPR, FTAPI will be happy to advise you!

FTAPI SecuMails can be used conveniently with Microsoft Outlook from within the application by installing the FTAPI Outlook Add-In. The FTAPI WebUI is available for all other mail clients, allowing encrypted messages to be sent via the browser.

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