We protect and automate your sensitive data workflows

For companies, authorities and medical institutions that want to protect their data and those of their customers comprehensively.

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Why 2,000 companies, authorities and operators of critical infrastructures already trust FTAPI

FTAPI offers a comprehensive approach to solving all the challenges of secure data exchange and digitizing, automating and scaling relevant business processes sustainably and securely from a single source.

  • 100 percent more security

    when exchanging sensitive business information or personal data.

  • More time and greater efficiency

    through the safe automation of time-consuming, recurring tasks.

  • Reduced costs and investment security

    thanks to a complete solution that reliably resolves even the most complex data transfer requirements.

Protect your business from cyber attacks and data breaches

Unprotected digital communication is one of the main gateways for cyber attacks and data breaches. Protect your company by reliably securing your email communication and incoming and outgoing file transfers. 

Improve data protection and compliance

According to the GDPR, the Trade Secrets Act and other legal requirements, sensitive and personal data must be reliably protected.

End-to-end encryption is the most suitable and secure solution for this. You can protect even the most sensitive business information easily, reliably and securely with our consistent end-to-end encryption along the entire transmission path.

Save time and money by means of automation

Automate recurring processes easily and securely.

FTAPI connects your systems and our technologies via various interfaces to form a complete digital system. Data and documents can therefore be exchanged securely, quickly and completely automatically between people, machines and systems. Without big projects and investments. And without a single line of code.

More than 2,000 companies, including 200 government agencies and over 100 medical institutions, already rely on FTAPI

Mike Felber

Data security plays an important role when communicating between authorities, external agencies and citizens. FTAPI helped us to balance digitalisation and data security.

Mike Felber
IT Administrator, Kommunaler Sozialverband Sachsen
Gregorio Aversa

We provide our customers with full HR solutions throughout the employee lifecycle. Efficiently managing and processing personal data plays an important role here. We are delighted to have found a trustworthy partner in FTAPI to drive the digital transformation of the HR department.

Gregorio Aversa
Sales & Account Management / Head of DSAG Human Resources Switzerland
Alexander Glöckler

For several weeks now we’ve been using the FTAPI product to encrypt our emails and data. We are extremely satisfied, also in terms of development and support. A great application.

Alexander Glöckler
Partner & Commercial Manager; CNC-Fertigung Glöckler KG
Andreas Hallemann

The option of easily incorporating external partners into the business process and the appealing design and optimised licence model for the VVO has meant we are happy to have chosen FTAPI.

Andreas Hallemann
Head of BO/IT and Statistics, Austrian Insurance Association (VVO)
Why hundreds of authorities rely on FTAPI

FTAPI offers powerful solutions for data protection-compliant digitization and automation of communication with authorities.

Regardless of whether it concerns the exchange of personal data, the sharing of confidential information or the secure automation of administrative services. With the FTAPI platform, municipal services can be sustainably digitized, automated and scaled from a single source.

FTAPI makes everyday work in clinics, medical practices and laboratories easier

With the powerful solutions from FTAPI, all data exchange processes in the healthcare sector can be mapped completely securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Regardless of whether it concerns the exchange of personal data, the sharing of sensitive information or its automated processing. With FTAPI, this is not only possible from a single source, but also easy, quick and in compliance with all data protection and compliance requirements.

How companies securely transfer sensitive data with FTAPI

FTAPI takes a comprehensive approach to securing data exchange processes in companies. As part of the FTAPI platform, the high-performance solutions can be used in addition to one another – completely independent of the sector. 

Whether exchanging large project outlines or sending company-critical business secrets: the FTAPI Secure Data Workflow Platform protects and automates sensitive data workflows even across organizational boundaries.

This is how you can use FTAPI in Human Resources

When processing personal and sensitive data, data security must always be guaranteed in order to meet legal requirements on the one hand and to create a valuable basis of trust among employees and applicants on the other.

To pave the way for a secure, digital future for HR departments, FTAPI takes a comprehensive approach. Regardless of whether it concerns sending or receiving personal data, sharing confidential information or automating it. With FTAPI, data security becomes a game changer in your HR department.

This is how you become a digital pioneer in the financial sector

Digitization is also increasingly penetrating the financial sector. More and more financial service providers, banks and insurers are relying on the automation of data workflows to make recurring business processes more efficient and at the same time to protect the highly sensitive and personal data of their customers. 

By means of the use of leading encryption technology, FTAPI offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the simple and flexible implementation, centralization and automation of sensitive data workflows from a single source.

Are you ready to protect your sensitive data reliably and easily?

Then get individual advice from our experts and experience in a product demo why millions of users trust secure data workflows from FTAPI!