Digitization in the Healthcare Sector

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Digital consultation and secure online comparison of health data.

Since 2021, patients have had the right to have their health data stored in an electronic patient record (ePA) and to take advantage of telemedicine services such as video consultations. With the Digital Health Care Act (DVG), the German government is driving the digital transformation toward telemedicine and automated data exchange in healthcare. Among other things, the DVG aims to simplify administrative processes, strengthen the use of telemedicine, and accelerate digitization in hospitals.

Since health information is personal data that requires special protection, special attention must be paid to data privacy in the healthcare sector. As a matter of principle, doctors’ offices and hospitals may only collect data that is necessary for treatment. Information that doctors and staff receive is subject to the GDPR and also to the obligation of confidentiality.

The technological advancement of healthcare therefore requires not only digital access to medical expertise, but also solutions for secure data transmission in particular. With FTAPI’s software solution, you lay the foundation for the secure digitization of data and processes in the healthcare sector that require protection. Because FTAPI opens up secure data transmission paths so that the digital transformation succeeds in compliance with the law.

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Examples of digital data exchange in healthcare.

Protected Digital Structures and Information Security in Healthcare.

Digitization in healthcare offers plenty of potential for the healthcare system. Digital data sets such as the ePA facilitate the exchange of information, e-prescriptions directly to the smartphone save paper, and the practical video consultation from home saves the trip to the doctor. Digital “e-health” technologies already enable high-quality, affordable care for many people – even in structurally weak regions. FTAPI’s Secure Data Platform provides holistic solutions for the secure transmission of healthcare data and the sustainable digitization and automation of administrative processes from a single source. After all, secure data transmission in the healthcare sector not only relieves staff, but also determines the success or failure of treatment in an emergency.

Automated online reports.

Online access to examination results saves both healthcare professionals and patients time and stress: patients only need a unique ID (e.g., a test number) and an email address to access findings online directly on the medical practice’s website. Thanks to FTAPI software, all processes are automated and fully GDPR-compliant.

Send patient data securely by e-mail.

Encrypted email communication is the solution for the simple and secure exchange of digital health data between medical practices and patients. With FTAPI’s encryption software, medical practices can exchange patient data via email in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner.

Automated transfer of patient data.

kly and securely where it is needed most urgently. Automated data transmission gives doctors and nursing staff a significant time advantage that can even save lives.

Electronic data exchange health insurance.

Electronic data exchange between health insurance companies, doctors’ practices, social insurance carriers and employers reduces administrative work and pays dividends in terms of the sustainability of administrative processes. To ensure that personal data and treatment-relevant information are protected at all times, FTAPI provides solutions for reliable and encrypted data transmission.

Digitization in hospitals: The Hospital Future Act.

With the entry into force of the Hospital Future Act (KHZG), the federal government has been investing more heavily in digitization and secure IT structures in hospitals since January 2021. To ensure that health data leaves the hospital’s internal telematics infrastructures securely, FTAPI provides end-to-end encrypted data transmission based on the latest cryptographic processes. This ensures the security of data processing in accordance with Art. 32 GDPR.

Already more than 500 utilities, hospitals and medical practices rely on FTAPI.

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“With the amendment of the Bavarian Hospital Act, we can now make optimal use of the opportunities offered by digitization. FTAPI’s high security standards and expertise in the healthcare sector were decisive arguments for us to take this path with FTAPI.”

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Areas of application of FTAPI software in hospital and laboratory operations.

Automated test results retrieval.

With FTAPI, citizens can obtain laboratory test results securely and easily. The automated report request provides (Corona) reports securely online. Patients simply enter their personal data and a report ID in the user interface of the GDPR-compliant FTAPI SecuForms. All entries are encrypted while still in the browser and then securely transmitted to the FTAPI system.

Exchange examination results securely with the laboratory.

Using FTAPI SecuForms, hospital staff can easily and securely store patient data and examination results digitally. In the next step, FTAPI SecuFlows ensure that the findings can be securely processed in the laboratory.

Send patient data in compliance with the GDPR.

Thanks to FTAPI software, hospital staff, nurses and doctors can send and receive patient data of any size securely – even beyond their own organizational boundaries. Findings, discharge papers and death certificates thus reach the right contact person quickly and in compliance with the GDPR, e.g. in authorities, other hospitals or at health insurance companies.