Secure Workflow Automation with FTAPI SecuFlows.

Securely digitize and automate sensitive data workflows.

Secure data workflows for smooth work.

FTAPI SecuFlows

Say goodbye to repetitive and error-prone workflows. Automate your business processes in which data is recorded, exchanged or further processed: FTAPI offers you a cross-system solution for the secure digitization and automation of recurring data workflows.

Meet all legal requirements for the secure transfer of sensitive data and automate your digital workflows. FTAPI’s encrypted data workflow automation ensures the highest level of data security. The audit-proof workflow automations allow subsequent data manipulation.

Collect, exchange and process data. With FTAPI SecuFlows.​

Secure data workflows for smooth work.


Areas of application.

Your advantages with FTAPI SecuFlows.

Part of the holistic Secure Data Workflow Platform.

Highest security

The automated exchange of data is GDPR-compliant and includes end-to-end encryption (optional).

Increase in efficiency

FTAPI SecuFlows optimize workflows and reduce the workload of repetitive tasks.

Digitize flexibly

Automate even complex data workflows easily and securely.

High quality standard

FTAPI SecuFlows handle monotonous and repetitive tasks with consistently high quality.

More time for important things

With FTAPI SecuFlows you give your employees more space for complex tasks.

Rapid rollout and ROI

We integrate FTAPI SecuFlows into your IT infrastructure with little effort.

Part of the holistic FTAPI Secure Data Workflow platform.

The FTAPI SecuFlows are part of the comprehensive FTAPI platform with leading, established and flexible encryption technology for guaranteed legally compliant security in data workflows.

It guarantees very high compatibility and uniformity of the products and enables the simple and secure implementation of even more complex challenges in manual and automated data transfer – everything from a single source.

Over 2000 companies and more than 1 million active users trust in secure data and file transfer with FTAPI.

Gregorio Aversa
“We provide our customers with HR complete solutions for everything to do with the employee lifecycle. The efficient management and further processing of personal data plays an important role in this. We are pleased to have found a trustworthy partner in FTAPI to further advance the digital transformation in personnel management.”

Sales & Account Management,
Head of DSAG Human Resources Switzerland

Gregorio Aversa

Benefits for your company.

Your smart workflow software from FTAPI – more than just digitization.

The potential of digitization lies in the complete automation of digital workflows in order to relieve employees and optimize work processes in the long term. FTAPI offers you reliable and efficient automation of data workflows.

Due to the highest protection of your data, workflows can be mapped GDPR-compliant. With FTAPI SecuFlows you not only optimize data security, you also reduce the error rate of your business processes and increase productivity.

Optimize processes.

FTAPI SecuForms Bewerbung
FTAPI SecuFlows automates data-based workflows in companies easily and securely.

Identify your automation potential with the FTAPI experts.

Benefits for your administrators.

Secure automation of data workflows – even across company boundaries.

A digital process is not automatically an efficient process: system barriers arise again and again as a result of digitalization. This is exactly where FTAPI comes in and combines the technologies and solutions you use for data transfer into an integrative overall system.

Data and documents can thus be exchanged securely, quickly and fully automatically between people, machines and systems. Let your data flow – but securely: With FTAPI SecuFlows you guarantee a highly secure automated workflow.

Let data flow safely.

FTAPI SecuForm Oberfläche
FTAPI SecuFlows – your protected data workflows with a system.

Benefits for your employees.

Automated data workflows relieve you in your daily work.

You share more and more data and documents with different partners, customers or colleagues. In many places, data exchange is still manual or partially automated. This procedure entails a high susceptibility to errors and monotony.

FTAPI simplifies digital workflows and automates repetitive work processes – simple, secure and completely uncomplicated. The possible applications are cross-departmental and practically unlimited.

Goodbye monotonous. Hello workflows.

Automate yourself happily.

Frequently asked questions about automated data workflows.

Any workflow or business process that requires interactions with people and/or between systems and is routine and recurring is predestined for automation.

There are almost no limits to the imagination here: In principle, all digital data can be made usable and processed using an automated workflow, provided they are accessible in the source systems via an interface. Interfaces such as file systems, Rest-API, FTP but also FTAPI products such as SecuForms, SecuTransfer or SecuRooms can be used.

Our Technical Implementation Team works with you to identify the workflows that you can automate effectively and scalably.

Examples of automated workflows

  • Automated customer / citizen communication
  • Automated payroll
  • Automated master data update
  • Automated application submission
  • Automated data synchronization
  • Automated (corona) report query
  • Automated credit check
  • Automated transmission of test results and scan data
  • and many more…

And what not to automate:

  • Direct interaction with people
  • Decisions that affect people and require emotional understanding
  • Non-Recurring Themes
  • Topics that need creative solutions.
If possible, we connect a system with its specific interface (e.g. FTP, SQL, SMTP, IMAP). Data from Excel or CSV tables as well as from internal file systems can also be read out and processed. If these options do not exist, the Rest API is an alternative. Our Technical Implementation Team will be happy to clarify your requirements with you and have the right solution ready.

f you already have a specific procedure or business process in mind that should be automated, we will discuss the technical requirements and the implementation process with you.

If you don’t have a use case in mind yet, we would be happy to identify individual workflows for your company together with you in a workshop. We develop concrete approaches based on your system landscape, internal structures and technical indicators.

We offer an increasing number of business processes in a quasi-standardised manner. This means that only a short check of your specific requirements (third-party systems, interfaces, type and provision of the data) is necessary and our team can then immediately start implementation. Such automated workflows can usually be deployed within a few days.

Our promise: On average, implementation only takes a few hours or a few days. Your data is safe and will be treated confidentially. No lengthy projects and no code are necessary.

In order to meet legal requirements and to protect data optimally, the automated data exchange via the SecuFlows is always secure and data protection compliant. If required, the sensitive data can also be transmitted and stored end-to-end encrypted on the basis of FTAPI SecuPass technology. This ensures maximum data security and protects against subsequent data manipulation.
No, particularly large files of up to 100 GB can be automatically sent, received and processed in your own systems beyond your own system limits.

The client for automation runs locally at the customer. It is installed as a service under Windows or Linux. The hardware requirements depend on the business process that is to be automated. As a rule, servers with 4 cores and 8-12 GB RAM are sufficiently equipped.

If you are interested in implementing a SecuFlow, our Technical Implementation Team will discuss the specific requirements with you and carry out a brief system check.

With a little know-how and the right instructions, you can configure the individual SecuFlows yourself. However, for error-free functionality and a smooth process, we recommend that you let our experts carry out the implementation and configuration. On average, this only takes a few hours or a few days.

Are you looking for further solutions for your data security?

FTAPI is the secure platform for sensitive data workflows and automation and takes care of all aspects of secure data exchange – from protected data transfer via email to the secure storage of sensitive data and documents and the automation of data-sensitive workflows.

FTAPI SecuMails

We offer reliable security and legally compliant data protection when exchanging data via email with external partners or customers.

FTAPI SecuForms

We offer simple and secure submission of sensitive data and their simple, secure and efficient further processing.

FTAPI SecuRooms

We offer a secure storage location to easily and flexibly share sensitive files with partners or customers and to use them from anywhere.