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Basic features

  • FTAPI Cloud – 100% made & hosted in Germany

    FTAPI provides you with a server in a German, ISO27001-certified data center and takes care of the entire operation including regular updates. You don’t need to worry about anything yourself and you can use the software very easily.

  • ISO-27001 certified, German data center

    FTAPI only uses German data centers that guarantee a high level of information security and are therefore certified according to the ISO-27001 standard. Your data is demonstrably optimally protected against unauthorized access and remains in Germany at all times and therefore within the scope of the EU GDPR

  • FTAPI SecuPass Technology

    Specially developed technology with real end-to-end encryption and automatic key exchange. For maximum security, ease of use and maximum user comfort.

  • Can be used without your own IT infrastructure

    You and your external partners can easily use FTAPI without their own IT infrastructure. You do not need to worry about operation or maintenance and regular updates are carried out directly by FTAPI.

  • Unlimited recipient / guest accounts

    Exchange data easily and securely with an unlimited number of people / partners. You can send data to an unlimited number of recipients as well as receive data from an unlimited number of senders. Without any changes in price. 

  • Full cost control

    The FTAPI price system is transparent, understandable and calculable and does not contain any hidden costs. No matter how much data you send and how many people you exchange data with – your price does not change

  • Also suitable for functional mailboxes

    The secure data transfer with FTAPI also works with function and group mailboxes (e.g. datenschutz@, info@ etc.) at no additional cost.

  • Free Traffic

    As part of our fair use policy, you get 1,000 GB of free traffic (outgoing) and 5,000 GB of free traffic (incoming) per month.

Clients & Add-Ins

  • Outlook Add-In

    The seamless and simple integration in Outlook (from version 2013) enables you to send and receive files securely in a familiar working environment.

  • Digital mailboxes (SubmitBox)

    Receive sensitive and large files with a secure direct link to your personal and digital mailbox.

  • Mobile clients, desktop clients & WebUI

    Have your files with you wherever you go. As a desktop client, we support Windows (64-bit and 32-bit) and Mac. Our mobile client is available for all iOS devices.

  • Secure online forms

    Use freely configurable online forms as a secure input channel. You can easily integrate these into your web environment via URL, Iframe or Javascript.

    • optional

    • optional

    • optional


  • Storage

    • start 150 GB total storage

    • start 300 GB total storage

    • start 500 GB total storage

  • 256 AES encryption

    FTAPI is based on an asymmetrical encryption process (AES) with 256 bits.

  • Transfer large files with ease

    With FTAPI you can also send very large files and are not subject to the conventional restrictions of your Exchange server.

    • up to 10 GB

    • up to 50 GB

    • up to 100 GB

Consulting, support & onboarding

  • Community-Support

    Via the FTAPI Community Portal that is currently being developed, we will bring you into contact with other FTAPI customers and offer you valuable information and documents on all aspects of the administration and use of FTAPI.

  • Support via ticket system

    For business and enterprise customers, we offer direct manufacturer support (customer satisfaction regularly at 4.9 / 5) via our ticket system integrated in the portal.

  • Dedicated customer success manager

    A personal contact person is available for business and enterprise customers. This supports you in making the best possible use of FTAPI SecuTranfer for your company.

  • Personal advice

    Our Customer Success Managers deal in detail with your specific requirements and wishes and adapt your product and license equipment to your individual needs.

  • Premium support

    You will receive preferred telephone support from our experts during business hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We also offer you extended maintenance periods, e.g. as part of updates, etc.

    • optional


  • User and group management

    FTAPI has its own user administration, guests are automatically created and managed by the system.

  • Role-based administration

    Use any number of groups to administer your users with different rights.

  • Freely definable retention periods

    You determine how long data transmitted with FTAPI should be available. This means that you will no longer forget the scheduled deletion periods for sensitive information.

  • Languages

    The FTAPI user interface is available in these languages.

    • Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

    • Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

  • Custom branding

    Allows you to customize the logo, colors, text and disclaimer

  • Exportable reports

    Generate various reports such as user reports, delivery reports, data room reports and others and export them as Excel or PDF files.

  • Individual password guidelines

    Define your own password guidelines for the use of FTAPI accounts and strengthen the protection against unauthorized access.

  • Individual email templates

    Adapt the email templates to your own needs.

  • SAML 2.0 – SingleSignOn

    Use the freely configurable SAML 2.0 connector to identify providers such as AD-FS, Azure AD, Google, BayernID and many more. to connect.

  • LDAP/S

    Integrate up to 10 different AD servers directly via LDAP / S.

    • optional

  • Individual domain

    FTAPI provides your server as a subdomain (e.g. your company name) under .ftapi.com by default. For Enterprise customers, you are welcome to get your own domain upon request.

  • Custom mail server

    You get the possibilities to use your own mail server as a mail relay for server generated messages.


  • End-to-end encryption

    End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is the encryption of transmitted data across all transmission stations. Only the communication partners (the respective end points of the communication) can decrypt the message.

  • FTAPI Key-Management

    FTAPI SecuPass encryption enables end-to-end encrypted transfer of arbitrary files.

  • Brute-Force-Protection

    FTAPI brute force protection protects FTAPI accounts from unauthorized access by (machine) trying and guessing (trial & error) of passwords.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Allows you to prove the identity of a user by combining two different and independent components, currently email-to-SMS (gateway and costs for sending SMS not included).

  • Server-side virus scanner

    The virus scanner checks every attachment for malware. If the attachment contains viruses, the sender and recipient (other people if desired, e.g. the admin) are informed by e-mail. The data transfer itself is blocked in this case, thus minimizing the risk of a virus attack.

    • optional buchbar

    • optional buchbar

  • VPN-Service

    Allows you to connect a site-to-site VPN to secure LDAP/S and/or your mail relay.

    • optional buchbar


  • Automated processes

    Automate numerous data-sensitive processes with the FTAPI Process Client and ensure high security of the processed information. Use the FTAPI process platform to connect your internal systems with FTAPI and many other systems.

    • optional

Data protection

  • Secure data processing according to §32 GDPR

    Based on the current legal requirements, we regularly undergo an independent review, assessment and evaluation of our technical and organizational measures.

  • Data processing contract can be concluded online

    You can carry out the order processing contract according to §28 EU-DSGVO completely electronically. You can create this yourself with the FTAPI customer number directly on our website. This saves everyone involved some effort and creates the optimal legal basis for your data protection.

  • Software made & hosted in Germany

    Development, operation, support and sales take place exclusively in Germany. Your data therefore never leaves the scope of the EU GDPR and is also protected against access by the US Cloud Act.

  • Strong partnership with audatis

    The audatis Group has specialized in the areas of data protection and information security and supports FTAPI in realizing the highest possible level of protection for your data. Upon request, FTAPI customers can also obtain advice on data protection issues within the framework of favorable conditions.