Digital payroll accounting

Your situation: Paper invoicing costs resources.

Save time and money by sending payrolls electronically.

You produce hundreds or thousands of pay slips for your employees every month and send them out by post. This takes up countless hours at the end of each month and blocks valuable resources – not to mention the costs. Your employees only receive the statements a few days later.

You are aware that this is no longer in keeping with the times. In addition, paper billing is critical in terms of data protection: it can easily be viewed by unauthorised persons. That is why you are looking for a solution to digitise the sending of statements.

The solution for digitisation in billing dispatch.

You send the payrolls completely digitally with the FTAPI software. The entire process is automated. Manual work is no longer necessary: a great relief and time saver! All data is transmitted in encrypted form: on the way from the HR system to the individual recipients. This means that you meet all data security and data protection requirements without any further measures.

Instead of dealing with paper, in future you will be dealing with more important tasks in the HR department – and as an employer you will be offering your employees the service they expect.

Less paper, more time for important tasks.

This is how you benefit from digital payroll accounting.

Done within a few minutes

It only takes a few clicks and minutes for the pay slips to come from your system to your employees - no matter how many there are. You save hours of work for printing, sorting, enveloping, sending or distributing the letters. You can also dispense with the manual filing of paper documents in the archive in future.
Fully GDPR compliant

Only with digital payroll accounting can strict data protection requirements really be met. Documents are stored and sent in encrypted form and can only be opened by those receiving them. Automatic confirmations of receipt allow you to track the delivery of each document.
Top service for employees

Most employees prefer digital documents: they don't need file folders for filing and the environment is spared. In addition, the information is available immediately and can be retrieved later. Digital pay slips are part of the service offering of every modern employer. Employees without an email address continue to receive their pay slips by post, as an ePost letter - just as automated, of course.
Zero Euro printing and postage costs

By doing without the paper form, you save high costs: namely for paper, printing, envelopes and letter postage. This alone - without taking into account the other advantages - means that the switch to a software solution pays off quickly: you will recoup the costs of the purchase in 12-24 months. Especially today, in times of rising prices, this argument counts twice.

Electronic dispatch of payroll accounting with FTAPI.

It’s that simple! You only need to trigger the dispatch with a few clicks – FTAPI takes care of the rest fully automatically.

Step 1: Import

Your payroll system (SAP, Navision, DATEV, etc.) automatically transfers your employees' payrolls to FTAPI via an interface.

FTAPI automatically splits collective files into individual documents; it recognises them by means of a unique feature, usually the personnel number.

Step 2: Assign

For each personnel number, a data record is stored in FTAPI with the employee's e-mail or postal address.

FTAPI compares the information and assigns the payroll to the individual employees.

Step 3: Notify by email

Afterwards, the documents are encrypted and uploaded to the FTAPI server.

Employees are notified by email that their payroll is available. Alternatively, the statements can be sent by ePost letter.

Step 4: Retrieve

Employees securely retrieve their encrypted payroll via the client's own portal - when and where they want. Automatic download confirmations are generated in the process.

The salary documents are stored on the FTAPI server for a certain period of time or permanently.

FTAPI works with any billing system.

We also connect FTAPI to your payroll system. We use standard interfaces as well as native integrations for this.

Why digitise automated payroll with FTAPI?

Ihre Vorteile.

Integrates with your systems

FTAPI can be integrated into your existing IT systems via standard interfaces (so-called REST API). You continue to work in your familiar environment and do not have to constantly use several tools. FTAPI works smoothly in the background.

Ready for use within a few days

After your order, we set up your FTAPI solution at your premises within a few days – after which you can start working immediately. This quick start delights our customers every time.

Certified according to ISO 27001

FTAPI is certified according to ISO 27001 and meets the highest requirements for information security. This makes us a reliable partner also for companies in security-critical environments.

Public authorities, companies and critical infrastructure operators rely on FTAPI.

Frequently asked questions about automated payroll.

In most companies, the manual dispatch of payroll is still a particularly costly and time-consuming process that blocks valuable resources every month.

By switching to automated payroll, you turn this time-consuming paper tiger into a lean, fast and secure digital process that benefits both companies and employees. No more printing and postage costs, quick ROI, significant time savings, satisfied employees, compliance with legal requirements and top service for your employees are just some of the many added values that automated payroll brings.

All payroll systems can be integrated in our automated payroll process. The most common systems we have already integrated include Datev, SAP, Sage, Loga and Varial. We would be happy to discuss the connection of your payroll system with you in a personal consultation.

We offer the process of automated payroll accounting in a standardised way. This means that only a short check of your specific requirements (third-party systems, interfaces, type and provision of data) is necessary and our team can then immediately start the implementation. Implementation is usually possible within a few days.

Our promise: We bring everything necessary to quickly integrate the process into your IT infrastructure. There is no lengthy project and no code is required. All your data is secure and treated confidentially.

With automated payroll accounting, we offer you a uniform solution for all employees – even those who do not have their own e-mail address (shop assistants, production employees, …). The payslip can then be delivered as an ePost letter, for example. Completely automatically and without additional effort. Alternatively, a “dummy” user could also be used. For this purpose, a user is created in the FTAPI system with a non-existent e-mail address. The employee can then access the system and view his statement digitally and print it if necessary.

This depends on the respective setting on the server – i.e. on the requirements of your company. Basically, everything is possible from 1 day to infinity.

Like classic FTAPI deliveries, payrolls can also be sent with security levels 1, 2, 3 or 4. Depending on the requirements, we recommend sending with security level 2 (secure link + login) or 3 (end-to-end encrypted).

If the recipients of the digital payroll do not yet have an FTAPI account, they receive guest access to the FTAPI system. There are no additional licence costs for guest access.

No, there is no law that prescribes the issuing of the salary statement in paper form. Only the issue in text form is stipulated. The digital salary statement fulfils this requirement.

The entire FTAPI platform has data protection and IT security as its primary objective. We have had the SecuFlow of automated payroll audited by external data protection experts and introduced as a data protection-compliant process.