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#securingdigitalfreedom – true to our brand core, at FTAPI we are committed to preserving the identity of individuals and companies in an increasingly digital world.

FTAPI has thousands of customers in a wide variety of sectors. The focus of our work is to provide customers from various target sectors with secure, simple software solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs and to protect their information.

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Companies in the healthcare industry, especially hospitals, are challenged to introduce secure, digital communication that staff and patients trust to the same extent. Especially under the increasingly digital conditions created by electronic patient files, e-prescriptions and other challenges of the Digital Care Act.

Public authorities.

In many sectors of the economy, numerous services have already been fully digitized. All this is happening to adapt to the digital customer. In the municipal sector, there is still a lot of catching up to do. Online Access Act, E-Government Act and the GDPR set high requirements and challenges for digitization here.


Manufacturing data is considered highly sensitive and is a key determinant of a company’s value. If details of production processes, machines, technical procedures and service measures are hacked or unintentionally leaked to the public or into the hands of unauthorized third parties, this often results in shutdowns that can cause billions of euros in damage. But even without the external threat, data transfer is sometimes problematic. CAD and construction plans or parts lists are often too large to be sent by mail, and FTP and SFTP servers offer no alternative here due to the lack of security and complex administration.

Tax consultants, auditors, lawyers.

FTAPI enables secure digital communication with clients, offices and authorities. Both incoming and outgoing data can be handled easily and securely – without the external senders or recipients needing their own solution or special certificates. Encrypt sensitive data directly with the Outlook add-on or simply via the browser. With FTAPI SecuForms, your clients submit confidential documents to you securely.

Energy, public utilities and municipal companies.

As numerous studies have shown, the attacks pose a serious threat, especially to energy providers. On the one hand, they aim to sabotage and in some cases even completely paralyze infrastructure-relevant IT systems, and on the other hand, to steal the highly sensitive personal data that the public sector naturally has to deal with. The goal must therefore be to use data in the future in the spirit of digitization to make the range of services offered by public utilities simpler and closer to the customer. Secure data transfer is a key factor in this development.

Other industries.

When communicating with customers, suppliers, partners or shareholders, many companies are concerned about the security of the data exchanged. Internal communications can also involve risks – after all, neither personal data such as employment contracts nor competition-relevant information such as financial or operational data should be made public.

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