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#securingdigitalfreedom – true to our brand core, at FTAPI we are committed to preserving the identity of individuals and companies in an increasingly digital world. 

FTAPI has thousands of customers in a wide variety of sectors. The focus of our work is to provide customers from various target sectors with secure, simple software solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs and to protect their information.

Healthcare sector

Companies in the healthcare sector, especially hospitals, are required to introduce secure, digital communication that both staff and patients can trust. Especially under the increasingly digital framework conditions due to electronic patient files, e-prescriptions and other challenges arising from the Legislation.


In many sectorsof the economy, numerous services have already been fully digitized. This all happens to adapt to the digital customer. In the municipal sector, there is still a lot of catching up to do. Different laws and the GDPR place high demands and challenges on digitization.

Municipal utilities

As numerous studies show, attacks pose a serious threat, especially for energy providers. On the one hand, they aim to sabotage infrastructure-relevant IT systems and in some cases even to paralyze them completely, and on the other hand, to steal the highly sensitive personal data that the public sector naturally has to deal with. The aim must therefore be to use data in the future within the meaning of digitization in order to make the services offered by municipal utilities easier and closer to the customer. Secure data transfer is a crucial point for data within this development.


Data from manufacturing are considered highly sensitive and significantly determine the value of a company. If details of production processes, machines, technical processes and service measures are hacked or are unintentionally disclosed to the public or get into the hands of unauthorized third parties, downtimes often occur that can cause damage running into billions. However, even without threats from the outside, data transfer can pose problems. CAD and design drawings or parts lists are often too large to be sent by email and FTP and SFTP servers do not offer any alternative due to the lack of security and complex administration.

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