EU Whistleblower Directive

What is to be done?

Comply with the mandatory EU Whistleblower Directive with FTAPI.

The so-called EU Whistleblower Directive was already adopted in 2019. This actually had to be cast into a national law by December 2021, which obliges you as a company or authority to set up secure channels for reporting legal violations. Although the companies and authorities concerned are currently in a state of legal limbo, it is only a matter of time before the legislator issues clearly binding requirements.

Among other things, the directive explicitly provides for the establishment of an IT-based whistleblowing system as a suitable solution. FTAPI offers a ready-made solution that fulfils all the requirements of the directive quickly and easily. The effort for you is minimal.

With FTAPI SecuForms, an individually designable form with secure end-to-end encryption is available.

The submitted information is provided to the authorised recipients via encrypted mails or directly via our mobile apps. No one else has access.

Further processing via automated processes is possible. The data is stored in a high-security data centre at all times.

Implement EU Whistleblower Directive for only 299€ per month.

FTAPI offers you a ready-made solution for an IT-based whistleblowing system with the secure FTAPI data exchange platform based on SecuPass technology.

  • A secure and individually configurable online form for data collection and encrypted transmission of the notes
  • Secure storage of the data in the high-security data centre
  • FTAPI SecuTransfer with all functions and licences required for the implementation of the directive
  • FTAPI Outlook Add-In: Secure data exchange in a familiar environment

Implement EU requirement quickly, easily and reliably.