Secure file transfer

With FTAPI you can send and save sensitive data of any size in a secure, encrypted way. From secure download links with SSL encryption to completely end-to-end encrypted data transfer, everything is possible. This means that you have control over the flow of data in your company at all times.

End-to-end encryption

Thanks to end-to-end encryption, your files are stored and exchanged in encrypted form without the recipient having to create an encryption certificate or install any software. This process works fully automatically and is as easy as sending a normal email.

Digital input management

Intelligent, digital input management with FTAPI helps you to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Input management is used in the processing of incoming mail or in automated form entry. Up to now, this process has mostly been done manually and ties up valuable resources.

Verbildlichung der FTAPI Datenräume
Digital document dispatch

The manual sending of documents is time-consuming, hardly traceable and usually not secure enough. This costs companies a lot of money and delays internal sales processes considerably. We provide you with numerous interfaces that make it possible to send documents securely and automatically directly from your systems.

Verbildlichung des Datenaustauschs mit Hilfe von FTAPI
Digital payroll accounting

With the digital payroll accounting from FTAPI, you can now send the remuneration statements securely, digitally and fully automatically. That saves time and money and reduces the workload many times over. At the same time, end-to-end encryption ensures that sensitive data are always secure both during and after transmission.

Secure processes

With FTAPI Processes we help you to automate the data exchange in your company safely and reliably. To do so, we combine your systems and our products using various interfaces to form an overall digital system. This means that data and documents can be exchanged securely, quickly and fully automatically between people, machines and systems.


So that compliance with the GDPR does not become a mammoth task, FTAPI helps you to structure the exchange of personal data with employees, customers and partners securely – up to continuous end-to-end encryption. In addition to maximum security, all our products are characterized by maximum user-friendliness and are therefore very easy to use for all users.


With this test procedure, the automotive industry ensures that suppliers meet the high requirements in the area of data and information security and that they are a reliable partner and developer for the automotive industry. The use of FTAPI guarantees smooth and reliable cooperation in the area of communication and data exchange.

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