SecuTransfer – your choice for secure data exchange

SecuTransfer by FTAPI helps you to securely and easily send and receive sensitive and large files in compliance with data protection regulations. Conveniently from your browser, Outlook environment or the app.

You and your recipients won’t need any additional IT infrastructure or complicated user training sessions to send unlimited files to recipients. This lets you keep full cost control thanks to a transparent invoicing model without hidden costs.

Easier and safer data exchange without size limits

  • Via the browser

    Use SecuTransfer directly in your browser – no installation required. The intuitive website lets you easily and quickly perform secure data exchange.

  • Directly from Outlook

    The Outlook add-in combines the security of FTAPI with the simplicity of an email. This lets you securely send and receive data in your standard working environment.

  • Via our apps

    Conveniently send confidential files from your mobile device while on the move with the free SecuTransfer app.

Easier and safer data exchange without size limits

As an important part of our SecuCloud platform, SecuTransfer offers a unique combination of security and user-friendly operation.
True end-to-end encryption is as easy as sending a regular email using automatic key exchange.
SecuTransfer is integrated and configured in no time at all. With various clear configuration options, Admins always have control over its usage and end users work in their trusted working environment, namely directly in the browser, Outlook or mobile app.

The four security levels of SecuTransfer

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Frequently asked questions about SecuTransfer

What is FTAPI SecuTransfer?

With FTAPI SecuTransfer, you can send and receive sensitive data easily and securely directly via the browser, from Outlook or via the SecuTransfer app, regardless of the file size. SecuTransfer is developed, hosted and operated in Germany and offers – depending on the selected security level – the possibility to transfer data end-to-end encrypted. SecuTransfer does not require complicated certificates and is as simple as sending a normal email. SecuTransfer is therefore the secure alternative to S/Mime, PGP or even insecure file sharing platforms.

Why is SecuTransfer more secure than Dropbox, WeTransfer & Co.

SecuTransfer offers four levels of data transfer security that you can select. In levels 3 and 4 SecuTransfer offers true end-to-end encryption based on its own SecuPass technology. Only the respective communication partners are able to decrypt this data. All data is also stored in secure data centers in Germany and not transferred to insecure third countries. Numerous other security features such as virus scanners or brute force detection provide additional security.

Do my communication partners need their own licenses or software?

No, your communication partners do not need their own infrastructure, software or license. You can communicate with an unlimited number of people via FTAPI without any additional costs. Each of your external communication partners receives a free guest account from FTAPI through which he/she can retrieve and decrypt the data you send. Likewise, these persons can easily send you large or sensitive files, for example via your digital mailbox, the so-called SubmitBox.

What are the technical requirements for external transmitters and receivers?

Your communication partners only need Internet access.  Nothing more is needed, no proprietary software, infrastructure or the like. There is also no need to exchange complicated certificates or send passwords manually for end-to-end encryption. With the automatic key exchange, everything is very simple.

How many people can I communicate with safely?

The number of your external recipients and communication partners is unlimited. This also means that there are no additional costs, no matter how many people you send files to or receive data from.

How do I send and receive data with SecuTransfer?

You can send data easily via the browser, directly from Outlook or via the SecuTransfer apps. No special knowledge is required for this. Your communication partners can also easily send data to you via SecuTransfer. One option for this is the SubmitBox, your digital mailbox. FTAPI also offers secure online forms with the SecuForms product, which enable structured and secure data input.

Where are my sensitive data and trade secrets stored?

FTAPI uses only secure, certified data centers located in Germany.

Is there a limit to the file sizes?

Single file sizes up to 100 GB are possible without any problems. If you need more, please contact us. The restrictions of your e-mail box / Exchange server do not play a role for FTAPI and do not apply.

Is SecuTransfer DSGVO compliant?

Yes! Compliance with the GDPR requirements is one of the most common reasons for buying FTAPI.