FTAPI SecuMails – secure email encryption

FTAPI SecuMails – secure e-mail encryption

Send and receive files of any size and sensitive data easily and securely per e-mail. Encryption directly in the e-mail inbox.

FTAPI SecuMails

Data encryption – not cryptic at all

Do you want to send files securely via e-mail? Retain full control over all your data – even after clicking on the “send” button. With FTAPI SecuMails you can also send sensitive data of any size encrypted and revision-secure by e-mail.

The optional end-to-end encryption ensures the secure transmission of sensitive data to internal and external recipients. You decide for yourself who should receive your data and documents and how.

There are four security levels to choose from, from secure download links to end-to-end encryption. With FTAPI SecuMails, even very large and sensitive files can be sent as e-mail attachments from Outlook. Implement all compliance guidelines with ease, even when exchanging data via e-mail. FTAPI offers you the highest security standards thanks to the proven SecuPass technology. And on top of that, you have a personal contact in FTAPI customer support.

Smart and intuitive e-mail encryption

Feature highlights

  • E-mail encryption directly in Outlook
  • Encrypt and send files of any size
  • Customizable user interface
  • Four freely selectable security levels

Areas of application

  • Back channel for citizen communication
  • HR communication
  • Real estate projects and construction projects
  • Patient communication

Experience FTAPI SecuMails in action

The benefits of SecuMails from FTAPI

– Part of FTAPI’s holistic Secure Data Workflow Platform –


Highest security

Whether it’s a secure download link or end-to-end encryption, you decide who receives your data and how – simply by e-mail.


Easy to operate

SecuMails can be easily operated in Outlook and in the browser. The Outlook add-in is particularly user-friendly.


Any file size is possible

With SecuMails you can easily exchange even large files encrypted via e-mail. A secure alternative to cloud service providers.



You will receive proof of receipt and download with each delivery. This provides maximum transparency and revision security.


GDPR compliant

You send personal data encrypted and data-protection compliant The automated deletion periods meet the requirements of Art. 15 GDPR.


Individual design

Adapt colors, logos, texts to your corporate design. This creates trust among all user groups.

Part of the holistic FTAPI Secure Data Workflow Platform

FTAPI SecuMails is part of the FTAPI cloud solution for companies, your secure data exchange platform from Germany. The leading encryption technology of FTAPI guarantees legally compliant data transfer and data workflows even beyond the boundaries of your company.
With the FTAPI Secure Data Workflow Platform, even complex data workflows can be mapped and automated securely. Up to four security levels are available to protect the data workflows.

Over 2,000 companies and more than 1 million active users trust in secure data and file transfer with FTAPI

Benefits for your company

Secure data transmission and e-mail encryption – GDPR compliant

Data transfer and data security: Fortunately, today these terms no longer contradict each other – with FTAPI SecuMails you can also send personal data in an absolutely securely encrypted and GDPR compliant manner.

FTAPI SecuMails is your service for encrypted e-mail delivery of data and files of any size.

With FTAPI SecuMails you send sensitive data securely

  • E-mail encryption with Outlook according to the zero-knowledge principle
  • Secure and easy data transfer via e-mail
  • Minimize compliance risks
  • GDPR compliant and revision-secure
  • Quick implementation and quick ROI
  • unlimited number of guest accounts

Would you like to send sensitive data securely?

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warum Millionen Nutzer*innen den sicheren Daten-Workflows von FTAPI vertrauen.

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Benefits for your administrators

With FTAPI SecuMails you send data in a secure and GDPR compliant manner

With FTAPI you can easily send sensitive data and large files by e-mail. The e-mail encryption takes place automatically. A manual key exchange or a separate security certificate are not necessary.

The FTAPI SecuPass encryption technology is based on the recommendation of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI), with AES encryption and a key length of 256 bits.

FTAPI SecuMails – send sensitive data via e-mail

  • Encrypted data transmission with Outlook or browser
  • No manual password or certificate exchange necessary
  • Secure receipt and transmission even of large files
  • Simple user administration via LDAP/S connection or SAML interface
  • Additional security features upon request: Virus scanner, 2-factor authentication

Benefits for your employees

Automatic e-mail encryption in Outlook

Do you exchange personal or sensitive data on a daily basis? Do you work in public service? FTAPI SecuMails is your solution for encrypted data transfer: With FTAPI’s encryption technology you can send sensitive data securely and easily – directly via your e-mail program.

Thanks to the SecuPass technology, you can send your e-mails in familiar surroundings with end-to-end encryption.

Never exchange passwords via e-mail again

  • user-friendly operation via Outlook
  • worry-free e-mailing
  • works with any size file
  • optional download confirmation from the recipient side
  • FTAPI app for the secure delivery & receipt on mobile device (iOS, Android)

Experience the functions and advantages of FTAPI SecuMails in action!

Lassen Sie sich von unseren Expert*innen individuell beraten und erleben Sie in einer Produktdemo,
warum Millionen Nutzer*innen den sicheren Daten-Workflows von FTAPI vertrauen.

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Frequently asked questions about secure e-mail delivery

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FTAPI is the secure platform for sensitive data workflows and automation and takes care of all aspects of secure data exchange – from protected data transfer via e-mail to the secure storage of sensitive data and documents as well as the automation of data-sensitive workflows.

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