Data from the automotive sector are considered to be highly sensitive and significantly determine the value of a company. If details of production processes, machines, technical processes and service measures are hacked or are unintentionally disclosed to the public or get into the hands of unauthorized third parties, downtimes often occur that can cause damage running into billions.

In the past, attacks have occurred more frequently in the automotive industry in particular. Nevertheless, advancing digitization requires that all relevant data for a smooth exchange between suppliers, customers and service providers be available at any time and place. If these data are stored online in the cloud, the compliance requirements are high.

Seamless data exchange between suppliers, customers and service providers

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a standard for information security defined by the automotive industry. A large number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers to the German automotive industry have been demanding TISAX certification from many business partners since 2017. With this test procedure, the automotive industry ensures that suppliers meet the high requirements in the area of data and information security and that they are a reliable partner and developer for the automotive industry.

The solutions from FTAPI fulfil the high security requirements and TISAX requirements and guarantee smooth and reliable cooperation in the area of communication and data exchange for manufacturers and suppliers.


The highest security

From secure download links to end-to-end encryption.


Easy to use

No change for your users thanks to the use of the Outlook Add-In.


Verification function

Complete transparency by means of automatic receipt and download confirmations.


Automatic deletion

Personal documents can be automatically deleted according to a schedule.


Data integrity

Our technology ensures that data and documents are not changed.



Provide proof of processing quickly and easily – exportable in PDF format.

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