SecuTransfer – secure data exchange with FTAPI

Securely send and receive files and emails

Always having to manage increasing amounts of data and ensuring its security!

Authorities and businesses in every sector are faced with a growing challenge: every day, the mountain of data to process and transfer increases, both internally and externally. The size and amount of sensitive or personal data isn’t diminishing either. This is precisely what you need to protect, whether for legal reasons or because your success depends on it.

The standard methods of data exchange are not secure enough for this purpose. Most email programs send messages – including your important attachments – in unencrypted format. This makes it easy for them to be intercepted by the wrong people. The consequences: fatal data leaks, expensive data protection lawsuits, sales losses and problems with partners.

SecuTransfer securely and easily manages your entire data transfer worldwide

SecuTransfer by FTAPI lets you securely transfer sensitive and large files between clients, partners and employees. Worldwide, easy to use, with automatic key exchange and full end-to-end encryption.

All you need is a computer with an active internet connection.

The benefits of SecuTransfer by FTAPI

Part of the Secure Cloud platform
  • Maximum security

    From secure download link to end-to-end encryption. You decide who receives your files. Hosted in Germany.

  • Easy to use

    SecuTransfer is easy to use via the browser or app. The Outlook add-in is particularly user-friendly.

  • All file sizes possible

    Easily share large files using SecuTransfer. A genuine alternative to private cloud services.

  • Transparent

    You receive proof of receipt and download for each delivery. This ensures maximum transparency and is tamper-proof.

  • GDPR-compliant

    Send personal data in compliance with data protection regulations. Automated deletion in line with Art. 15 GDPR.

  • Customisable design

    Colours, logos, text – everything adapted to your style. Users see and trust your familiar appearance.

How to quickly and easily implement SecuTransfer

Over 1,200 customers and more than 1 million users actively rely on FTAPI

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