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News from the FTAPI product world.
The FTAPI platform is constantly being improved. Security and user-friendliness are always in focus. All innovations and highlights from the FTAPI product world can be found on this page. Note for admins: The FTAPI status page informs you in advance about upcoming updates. Simply subscribe to the news feed and always know what’s going on.

Info and onboarding for new end users.

End users coming into contact with FTAPI’s software can now get guidance and more information about data security and FTAPI. How does it work? Interested parties can easily actively request information via touchpoints when using the software. This results in fewer queries with administrators, speeds up onboarding overall, and creates greater awareness of the topic of data security.
Further improvements in June 2023


  • Email Notifications Vol. 2
    After the first update of the email notifications in May, the next batch of email notifications has now been adapted to the new design. In addition, the new design has been further optimized.

  • Update Apache Tomcat
    With the upgrade to version 9.0.75, CVE-2023-28709 has been fixed.

  • Improvement in SubmitBox deliveries
    With SubmitBox deliveries there were display errors in Outlook if special characters occurred in them.

  • FTAPI virus scanner
    The logging of the ClamAV virus scanner has been improved.

  • CAPTCHA improvement
    For improved protection against automated attacks, the implemented CAPTCHA solution was adapted. Reading by so-called optical character recognition (OCR) applications has thus been made more difficult.

  • FTAPI on Android with Firefox browser
    On Android devices, there was an error message when calling the FTAPI application in the browser if Fireforx was used as the Internet browser. This has been fixed, the error message no longer appears.

New layout for email notifications (Vol. 1).

The email notifications get a new and fresh layout! From now on you will find your logo in the header of the notification and the content is more clearly arranged with headline, text and new ‘Call-to-Action’ button. Overall, the new layout creates more trust with (external) recipients. In addition, the logo integration increases the recognition value. For optimal display along all end devices and email services, the content and structure for email notifications is predefined. Administrative management and customization of notifications is eliminated with the new FTAPI version.
Further improvements in May 2023
  • Verbesserte SecuForms-Konfiguration
    In der SecuForms-Konfiguration wurde der ‚Speicher‘ Button optimiert und verhält sich nun wesentlich intuitiver.

  • Upload großer Ordnerstrukturen in SecuRooms
    Das Verhalten beim Upload von großen Ordnerstrukturen wurde angepasst, sodass nun der User jederzeit den aktuellen Upload-Status einsehen und während des Upload-Vorgangs auch innerhalb der SecuRooms-Oberfläche navigieren kann.

  • Sicherheitsfunktion 2FA & DAR verbessert
    Die Textnachricht, die User zur Authentifizierung für das 2FA- und DAR-Verfahren erhalten, ist nun kompakt in einer SMS verstaut.

New: Activity History for SecuRooms.

The brand new feature for FTAPI SecuRooms is here! Keep track: For all files in the data room, admins can now track who viewed or downloaded these files and when. This is especially helpful if there are sensitive documents in the data room to track who exactly has viewed this content. The information can be accessed conveniently and easily in the data room via the “Activity” tab.
Further improvements in April 2023
  • Optimized Cloud
    The FTAPI Cloud infrastructure has been further optimized to ensure the best possible user experience.

  • Improved upload in SecuRooms
    For the browser-based data rooms, the upload experience has been improved for large folders. In addition, the display in the Upload Center has been improved.

  • SecuForms templates for mobile devices
    The templates and use cases for digital forms have been optimized for the mobile app.

  • SecuFlows & SecuRooms interface enhanced
    The interface between both products of the FTAPI platform has been further extended. The automation service ‘SecuFlows’ can now also be used to store files in the existing folder structure of a data room.

Digital forms: Templates and use cases.

From now on you can access current ‘Best Practices’ for digital forms! In the FTAPI web interface, under “FTAPI SecuForms”, you will find the new “Templates” area with useful application examples for forms including automation. Employees from the various departments can use the application examples as inspiration to initiate new and innovative processes in the company.
Further improvements in March 2023


  • NEW: All incoming deliveries including attachments can be processed flexibly and automatically with SecuFlows.

  • NEW: The download confirmation, which is automatically generated for deliveries, can be processed with SecuFlows.

  • Platform: The general system performance has been significantly improved, ensuring even more user-friendly use.

  • SecuRooms: A number of improvements have been made to the application, improving overall performance.

  • SecuMails: Large files are now uploaded even faster at the FTPAI server and thus made available as e-mail attachments.

  • SecuForms: The configuration and navigation of the FTAPI SecuForms has been improved. When editing SecuForms, user:ins now switch to a full screen view. In addition, SecuForms editing has been optimized for mobile devices.

  • Administration: User account cleanup has been improved so that “Last Login” now also cleans up those users who have never logged in. More details on user account cleanup.

  • Reports: The user reports generated via the web interface (under the “Reports” tab) are now much more performant.

Function removed

  • Email notifications can no longer be issued via the command line.

New report type for administrators.

The new Deliveries Download Report can be used to track the downloads of outgoing deliveries. The report logs the person who made the download, including timestamp and IP address. By default, logging is disabled.
Further improvements in February 2023


  • NEW: The e-mail notification that informs users about new files in data rooms now also contains the path of the newly added files if desired.

  • SecuRooms: When sharing data rooms or folders, the user name can now be entered in addition to the e-mail address.

  • Administration: The initial customer administrator can now be edited and customized by the customer. The FTAPI helpdesk team is no longer necessary for this.

  • Reports: The “UserReports” have been improved and are now much more performant.

  • Platform: Performance improvements have been made to the entire FTAPI platform and products.

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