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Share files securely – even across company boundaries

More and more companies, authorities and institutions are creating added value by working in interdisciplinary project teams, for example in digitization projections. Sensitive data and/or large files are frequently made available online or exchanged across company boundaries.

Facilitated knowledge transfer, effective communication and goal-oriented work processes – digitization offers many opportunities, but also plenty of challenges: one of them is ensuring legally compliant data protection as defined by GDPR.

In many companies, successful collaboration stands or falls with secure data exchange. Not all IT departments are up to the ever-increasing demands on data security in data exchange processes. In particular, the exchange and sharing of large files poses challenges for many companies, as the solution must not only be secure, bu also practicable.

Create security for your data exchange processes in global project teams with FTAPI!

Off to the data room

In order to be able to transmit, store and process data securely, the integrity of the data must be guaranteed at all times. Virtual data rooms offer a simple way to exchange and share data in a secure and traceable manner.

But what exactly are data rooms? A data room is a protected room, which is accessible online and is used for secure digital management and storage of confidential data and documents. What makes it special: All documents and files can be shared in the data room. After saving, all users of the data room are automatically up to date.

How to improve your collaboration in the virtual data room:

  • Reduce unnecessary e-mail histories and search times for up-to-date file versions.
  • Protect sensitive and personal data effectively with one click.
  • Store both folders and files of any size in the data room.
  • Assign roles and rights flexibly and individually to all team members.
  • Benefit from secure worldwide online access to all data.
Many companies and authorities have already recognized the advantages of data rooms.
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Solutions for sharing files

With FTAPI, share data security – even across company boundaries.

With virtual data rooms, FTAPI creates a secure storage location for your sensitive data and files of all sizes. Insecure file sharing solutions and frustrating file clutter are a thing of the past with FTAPI’s online data rooms: Implement GDPR guidelines quickly and easily in your company. Save your data encrypted and with a traceable download history in the data room.

FTAPI SecuRooms – Data rooms for secure file sharing

FTAPI SecuRooms offer you a secure data room solution, which can be used quite easily via Internet browser. In the SecuRooms you store your data completely securely. At the same time, the data rooms can be used easily and effectively. The browser-based data rooms offer a GDPR-compliant and audit-proof storage location for sensitive files of all sizes. Share your data with stakeholders, assign roles and access rights and create a trusting environment for secure file sharing across organizational boundaries.

These facilitations are offered to you by FTAPI’s proven data room:

  • Keep an overview: Duplicate files are a thing of the past, since all users automatically have access to the most recent file version.
  • Invite colleagues, partners and customers to the data room with one click.
  • Relieve the IT department, since the project manager decides, who gets which approvals.

Design your projects efficiently and securely with FTAPI

– Your benefits –

  • Quick setup

    Data rooms can be integrated into your existing company IT with little effort.

  • Location-independent data retrieval

    Updated file versions are available immediately anywhere and on any end device.

  • Ease of use

    Browser-based access and intuitive user interface.

  • Any file size possible

    FTAPI offers unlimited storage space for your project files of any size.

  • Maximum security

    Reliable protection of intellectual property and business-critical, sensitive data by the proven SecuPass technology.

  • Free guest accounts

    Secure data exchange is also possible with users without an FTAPI account.

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FTAPI SecuRooms – the virtual data rooms

Securely and easily share, make available and share sensitive data.