Data security in your home office

IT security does not stop at home office.

A secure data room for your confidential data exchange – beyond your organizational boundaries.

With working from home, remote work and agile project work in the context of digitalization, more and more companies and organizations are posing the big question: how can data be securely stored, globally shared and used even outside of your in-house IT? When speed is important in everyday life, many resort to free filesharing providers. Not only is this a risky practice in the long run if the provider does not value data protection.

It also quickly becomes impractical as you soon lose track of what is stored where. When exchanging data by email, conventional mailboxes quickly reach their limits. The use of free Cloud services is not only a security risk as they tend not to encrypt data, but it is also impractical as the data storage capacities are quickly used up.

Data protection and remote working go hand in hand today.

Keep sensitive business data safe in the data room.

As a result of digitalization, the wealth of data exchanged daily over the internet or provided across company boundaries is growing. The GDPR also obliges companies and authorities to take extensive documentation, information and data protection measures.

The issue of data protection is becoming an increasingly critical factor in the era of remote working and cannot be ignored. Malware attacks and copyright infringements are on the rise every day, making a reliable data protection strategy vital. Violating data protection laws may not only have legal consequences, it can also lead to reputational damage.

Solutions for storing and sharing data securely.

Avoid data protection breaches and opt for reliable solutions.
Insecure filesharing solutions are now a thing of the past: store confidential information and business data in the data room and make everyday life easier for your colleagues. FTAPI takes a holistic view of data protection in the home office and offers you a complete solution for data storage, secure data exchange and data transmission over the internet. You can save your data in FTAPI virtual data rooms in encrypted form so that it is audit-proof and GDPR-compliant, even when working from home or remotely.

Keep sensitive business data safe in the data room.

FTAPI SecuRooms – Data rooms for secure file sharing.

With the browser-based virtual data rooms FTAPI SecuRooms, you are providing your colleagues, customers and partners with a secure place to store data. Store, share and use data of any size together in the data room – even across organizational boundaries. Colleagues and external partners are invited in a matter of seconds and assigned appropriate roles and rights. This simplifies secure data exchange enormously, speeding up your projects.

The most important reasons for using secure data rooms for companies:

See the advantages of virtual data rooms for yourself.

Ensure data security in the home office with FTAPI.

Your benefits.

Integrative solution

Data rooms and other secure software solutions for home offices & mobile working can be integrated into your existing company IT without much difficulty.

Zero-knowledge principle

No one outside of the selected users can see your data, not even FTAPI.

User friendliness

Browser-based, easy use – simple alternative to FTP and co.

File versions available immediately

All users have worldwide access to the latest file version.

Simple assignment of roles and rights

Assign and manage file shares individually.

Traceable history

You can see at any time which people have accessed files.

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