Receive large files securely

Receive sensitive data securely – without a size limit or registration

Receive sensitive files – safe & easy by email

Receiving large files or receiving sensitive data in compliance with legal requirements constitutes a challenge for many companies. When large files cause your email inbox to overflow, many people, even in the workplace, resort to insecure Cloud services, such as WeTransfer or Dropbox, which they know from private data exchange. Not to mention physically sending large amounts of data on hard disks, CDs or USB by courier, post or in person.

The problem with public, insecure Cloud services or with FTAP data transfer is that the data is transferred unencrypted. Secure data reception can therefore not be guaranteed. However, data security is playing an increasingly important role especially for companies. You’re therefore reliant on a reliable solution for receiving large, sensitive files.

FTAPI not only offers the most secure, but also the most convenient of all solutions when it comes to receiving large files and amounts of data from external senders.

Solutions for receiving data securely

The holistic FTAPI platform for secure data exchange combines various features – from securely receiving large and sensitive files, to storing and sharing data and documents, not to mention automating digital data workflows.

All FTAPI software solutions use the company’s own leading encryption technology to consistently ensure the highest level of data security and compatibility.

The digital mailbox for sensitive files of any size

Receive data securely and simply

All users with FTAPI SecuMails automatically have their own SubmitBox, which can be reached via an individual link. The SubmitBox is your personal digital mailbox, via which you can receive large files or sensitive data securely.

Anyone who has the link to your SubmitBox can send data to you securely, even without prior registration. Once they’ve entered the email address, senders will receive an upload link via email. 

Receive large files and sensitive data quickly, easily and in compliance with GDPR. 

Spare your email inbox – receive large files with the secure data exchange platform from FTAPI

Exchange files securely and with confidence with external parties

With FTAPI, you can receive sensitive files securely, simply and traceably, no matter what the size. Whether it’s high-resolution video files, 3D renderings, extensive presentations or PDF files, complex project or design data, results of imaging techniques or simply application documents – there are no limits to the areas of application of the FTAPI software solutions.  

Over 2,000 companies, authorities and institutions already receive their sensitive data securely and in line with data protection laws with FTAPI.

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Receive large files with FTAPI SecuMails

With FTAPI SecuMails, you can send and receive files of any size easily via email or via a web interface directly in the browser. The software enables the secure data transfer of sensitive and large files between customers, partners and colleagues. Easily implement your company’s data protection policies in your daily communication – from anywhere and easy to use – with automated key exchange and, if required, with end-to-end encryption.

Possible user interfaces

FTAPI SecuMails

Send and receive files of any size and sensitive data easily and securely per e-mail. Encryption directly in the e-mail inbox.

Receive large files with FTAPI

These are your benefits


Any file size possible

With FTAPI SecuMails, you can easily receive even large files. A real alternative to private cloud services.


Easy to operate

All FTAPI solutions are intuitive to use – data can be uploaded and received via the browser or Outlook email inbox


GDPR compliant

Send and receive data in compliance with GDPR. Automated deletion periods comply with Art. 15 GDPR.


Access from anywhere

Access your data at any time anywhere. Without a VPN.


Any file format possible

Receive sensitive and/or large files securely and in confidence from external parties. Regardless of the file size of format.


No prior knowledge required

FTAPI can be used and data exchanged securely without any prior technical knowledge.

With FTAPI, you can protect sensitive data and trade secrets simply and securely.

Lassen Sie sich von unseren Expert*innen individuell beraten und erleben Sie in einer Produktdemo,
warum Millionen Nutzer*innen den sicheren Daten-Workflows von FTAPI vertrauen.

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Use Cases

General fields of application

  • Receipt of applications: Store a collective address (e.g. application@), integrate it on the website and receive application documents quickly, easily and in compliance with data protection laws.
  • Info-SubmitBox: Store Info@ address, integrate it on the website and reduce spam emails in future.
  • Feedback-Box: Confidential internals, positive and negative feedback or even complaints can be submitted in encrypted form and can only be viewed by the registered recipient.

Industry-specific applications for receiving data securely

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