Sending and receiving data securely

Sending data securely: your challenge – our solutions

With FTAPI, you can send data legally and easily

Do you have to regularly send and receive files online? Do you use various software applications for this, repeatedly faced with the challenge of integrating secure communication channels into your company processes?

The amount of digital data you send daily in business transactions is constantly growing. Data security plays just as important a role here as receiving and sending data in a structured way. A holistic approach is required to be able to digitalize confidential data exchange reliably and sustainably:

FTAPI simplifies sending data in encrypted form over the internet.

Challenges in data transfer

  • More and more business data & customer information is sent and received digitally
  • Data has to be collected & processed quickly
  • Large files have to be collected
  • Security risks arise if files are processed in different systems (media disruptions)
  • Data security requirements are increasing as a result of ever more stringent regulations and laws

Solutions for sending data securely

FTAPI takes a holistic approach to addressing the challenges of data exchange processes. Thanks to the proven SecuPass technology, no manual key or certificate exchange is required to send data securely across all our software solutions. With FTAPI, you can send data securely and easily.

Secure file transfer via email and download link with FTAPI

Email encryption

Email encryption couldn’t be more convenient: With FTAPI, you can send emails easily from your mailbox, with end-to-end encryption if required and always in line with GDPR. Keep full control over your data – before and after clicking “Send”. The FTAPI SecuMails secure email encryption offers four different security levels. In addition, automated deletion periods as well as login and download disclaimers and many other helpful settings help you improve your data security and trusted communication both in-house and externally. 

Sending large files

Do you have to send very large files or lots of data online? The FTAPI solutions provide you with unlimited data capacity for the simple data exchange of very large files. Share and send documents and data of all sizes (and sensitivity) via download link with audit-proof history as well as flexible release and rights management and many other features.

Receiving large files

Do you regularly receive sensitive data from external partners? FTAPI enables you to securely receive large files, no matter what industry you work in. The person sending the files does not need an FTAPI account to exchange large files or amounts of data. As the recipient, you have the option to receive data of any size via the so-called SubmitBox.

Secure data transfer

Secure data transfer and trusted communication are increasingly becoming a success factor in businesses. FTAPI is your secure alternative to free file-sharing providers. Send your sensitive data and documents online with the secure and proven FTAPI encryption technology. When used in the right places, FTAPI helps sustainably drive digitalization in your company with simple means.

Outlook add-in for encryption

It doesn’t get any more convenient: FTAPI combines user-friendliness with the latest encryption technology. Write emails as usual in Outlook, add file attachments of any size as required and send your data using highly reliable end-to-end encryption simply, securely and directly.

Advantages of FTAPI


Uniform security standards

Both your email and the data itself are encrypted up to end-to-end. Choose from four security levels.


Extremely easy to use & set up

Use directly in the browser or via app with little need for support.


Maximum data capacity

Any file size is possible – sending large files in encrypted form is easy.


Transparent sending & receiving

Each time your data is delivered, you receive proof of receipt and download. This provides maximum transparency and revision security.


GDPR compliant

Send personal data in encrypted form and in compliance with GDPR. The automated deletion periods meet the requirements of Art. 15 GDPR.


Rapid rollout and ROI

FTAPI implements your individual solution quickly and efficiently – connected to your internal company IT. This promotes productivity and value creation in the company.

FAQs on sending and receiving data securely

FTAPI SecuMails

Send and receive files of any size and sensitive data easily and securely per e-mail. Encryption directly in the e-mail inbox.