Secure File Transfer with FTAPI

In every company, data and information in the form of files are exchanged with employees, business partners or customers all over the world, which should not fall into the hands of third parties. With FTAPI you can send and save sensitive data of any size in a secure way. From secure download links with SSL encryption to complete end-to-end encrypted data transfer, everything is possible. This means that you have control over the flow of data in your company at all times.

FTAPI Advantages


The highest security

By means of continuous end-to-end encryption of the data before, during and after the transmission as well as an end-to-end encrypted storage of the data on the server, FTAPI guarantees you the highest level of security for internal and external communication. Your files are therefore protected against access by third parties. In addition, we offer you the option of choosing between four different security levels for sending your data – from a secure download link to end-to-end encryption. In this way you can decide for yourself at any time how securely you want to send your files and messages and you always have the control over your data.


Zero knowledge

The protection of privacy is the top priority for FTAPI. That is why we work according to the “Zero knowledge” principle. All files to be sent are already securely encrypted and segmented before the transfer and can only be converted into clear text by the recipient using his or her FTAPI password. As a result, no one, apart from the sender and the recipient, has access to the communication and the stored data, not even FTAPI. In this way we can guarantee you maximum security and responsible handling of your information.


Made & hosted in Germany

We consider it our obligation to handle the data of our customers carefully. Compared to other providers, above all Public Cloud services, FTAPI has its headquarters in Germany as well as all of its servers in German data centres. This means that FTAPI only applies German law with regard to personal data, which is one of the strictest that exists.

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