Input Management

Intelligent input management also offers small and medium-sized companies in particular the opportunity to release potential quickly and without great effort. Digital forms for invoices, applications, offers and much more create a structured and secure digital data input channel into the company that relieves employees of time-consuming routine tasks. In this way, inefficient work processes can be minimized in a timely manner, productivity and efficiency in the company can be increased and costs can be reduced. On the other hand, those who continue to rely on business as usual risk being displaced by more agile competition.

Data protection compliant application receipt

The application process can be mapped simply, securely and in a structured manner using FTAPI SecuForms. Thanks to the individually configurable fields, all relevant information can be requested from an applicant, which contributes to a better decision-making basis and faster processing time. All of the data of the applicant are then transferred to the recipient in the company in compliance with data protection regulations. This reduces the workload enormously.

Digital sick leave notification

Every employee falls ill at some point and has to notify their employer. This process can be carried out quickly and easily using SecuForms and in compliance with data protection regulations. Configure the individual fields according to the specifications of your company and request, for example, the personnel number and the expected duration of the absence. At the same time, you give your employees the opportunity to send a copy of the sick note from the doctor to the HR department in advance, very easily and without registration, which of course is end-to-end encrypted. This relieves both your employees and your HR manager and minimizes the administrative effort.

Structured incoming invoices

With FTAPI, incoming invoices can also be significantly optimized and accelerated. Thanks to numerous additional information that can be requested by customers, partners or suppliers, the data can be processed smoothly. The data and documents are forwarded directly to the correct recipient in the company or imported into the corresponding systems. This reduces long cycle and processing times and lowers costs.

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