FTAPI SecuForms – secure forms

FTAPI SecuForms – secure forms

Create digital forms individually & automate them easily.

FTAPI SecuForms

Create GDPR compliant online forms

FTAPI SecuForms are your secure forms for structured data entry. With FTAPI SecuForms, you offer an automated solution for encrypted data submission directly via your website or online platform: Digital forms for invoices, applications, registrations, customer data and much more create a secure digital data entry channel for our company.

With FTAPI SecuForms, you facilitate both the data entry as well as the corresponding further processing of the data within your organization. FTAPI SecuForms make the digital entry of data and documents a secure and goal-oriented process for all involved. The online forms of FTAPI are easily configurable and ready for immediate use.

Functional highlights

  • Encrypted transmission – up to end-to-end encryption
  • Individually designable forms
  • Structured data entry
  • Entry of large files of all formats
  • Connection to internal systems possible

Areas of application

  • Online applications
  • Invoice receipt
  • Applications to authorities
  • IT support tickets
  • Sick leave & vacation applications
  • Whistleblower system
  • Changes to customer or personal data

Advantages of FTAPI SecuForms


Maximum security

With the FTAPI encryption technology, the transmitted data is protected (optional end-to-end encryption).


GDPR compliant

You meet all of the data protection & compliance rules when receiving data.


Immediately ready for use

FTAPI integrates your SecuForms into your IT infrastructure without much effort.


Configure as easily as child’s play

Customize the fields and texts of the FTAPI SecuForms individually & and to your requirements.


More time for essential tasks

Structure the digital data input & thus minimize the time required for your employees.


Automate further processing (optional)

Digitizing the data input via FTAPI SecuForms creates the potential to automate the further processing of the data.

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Advantages for your company

Digitize forms & further process data paperless

Sie verarbeiten große Mengen an Daten und Dokumente von Kund*innen, Bewerber*innen, Partner*innen oder Lieferant*innen in Ihrem Unternehmen? Mit den FTAPI SecuForms kommen alle Daten so bei Ihnen an, wie Sie sie auch weiterverarbeiten können. Spezifizierte Eingabefelder stellen sicher, dass Sie nur die Daten erhalten, die Sie auch wirklich benötigen.Do you process large amounts of data and documents of customers, applicants, partners or supplies in your company? With FTAPI SecuForms, all data arrives at your premises in the form in which you can further process it. Specified input fields ensure that you only receive the data you really need.

The secure forms of FTAPI ensure that your company handles sensitive data securely. With FTAPI SecuForms you opt not only for software based on current encryption technology, but also for competent German-speaking customer support. 

With FTAPI SecuForms, you design your digital data entry in a secure, structured and data protection compliant manner.

  • GDPR-compliant data input
  • TLS/SSL & optional end-to-end encryption
  • Better user experience for all users
  • Data only reaches the right addressees
  • Protection of sensitive & personal data

Advantages for your administrators

Digitize & automate online forms for optimal input management

The use of digital forms on your company’s websites enables an efficient electronic data entry of all file formats. Control your data input through digital forms and automate the subsequent further processing with FTAPI’s easy-to-use software.

Thanks to the quickly installed forms, digitize the processing of information and documents in a secure and standardized manner. This not only saves costs, but enables you to invest more resources in the activities of your colleagues that really add value.

Link the FTAPI SecuForms to internal systems and trigger the correct further processing of data automatically.

  • leading encryption technology
  • easy configuration of secure forms (no employee training required)
  • problem-free integration into the existing IT structure
  • any file formats & system connections possible
  • Structured data entry & automated transfer of data

Identify your automation potential with the FTAPI experts.

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Advantages for your employees

The right form for every application within minutes

Create a customized form for any application within a few minutes, which can embed on any platform and website. Specify in the template what information the sender should leave, who is to receive the data, what file formats and sizes can be submitted using the form and what security level should be used to transfer the data.

With the easily configurable FTAPI SecuForms you accept data in a secure and structured manner. They facilitate the data entry and the subsequent data input management in equal measure. The secure forms are ready to use right away.

Create secure & customized online forms with just a few clicks

  • easy to use
  • individually configurable input fields
  • structured data entry of desired file formats
  • fast assignment & further processing of data
  • more time for essential tasks

Reduce the use of paper documents in your company – by using digital forms – and thus save CO2!

Lassen Sie sich von unseren Expert*innen individuell beraten und erleben Sie in einer Produktdemo,
warum Millionen Nutzer*innen den sicheren Daten-Workflows von FTAPI vertrauen.

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Part of the holistic FTAPI Secure Data Platform

The FTAPI SecuForms are part of the holistic FTAPI platform with leading encryption technology for legally compliant data security in data-based business processes. All products are compatible and map sensitive data workflows easily and securely. In this way, relevant business processes can be digitized and automated from a single source.

Frequently asked questions about SecuForms

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FTAPI is the secure platform for sensitive data workflows and automation and takes care of all aspects of secure data exchange – from protected data transfer via e-mail to the secure storage of sensitive data and documents as well as the automation of data-sensitive workflows.

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