SecuFlows – your processes automated by FTAPI

Sensitive processes easily and securely digitalised

Your processes are becoming ever more digital and have huge potential for automation!

As an authority, small or medium-sized business, your processes are increasingly moving from analogue to digital format. This often means that, where a sheet of paper was previously used, a corresponding file is edited instead. Your digitalisation isn’t complete however; it’s just beginning. After all, the real potential lies in fully automating the process.

This is the first step to digitally processing data. However, if the process was monotonous and repetitive during the analogue age, it’s probably also the case in digital times. It’s worth automating these processes to relieve employees, optimise your workflow and save time and money. All without elaborate projects and major investments.

SecuFlows securely and easily automate your sensitive processes

SecuFlows by FTAPI easily and securely automate countless recurring processes within companies. Data is optimally protected as required using end-to-end encryption based on our SecuPass technology.

FTAPI provides everything you need to quickly and reliably transform your processes into SecuFlows. All without a single line of code.

The benefits of SecuFlows by FTAPI

– Part of the SecuCloud platform –


Flexible digitalisation

All data entry and output processes are possible with SecuFlows.


Fewer errors

SecuFlows manages monotonous and repetitive tasks with consistent quality.


Fast rollout and ROI

We provide everything you need to quickly integrate SecuFlows into your IT infrastructure.


More time for important matters

SecuFlows free up your employees to handle more complex tasks.


Maximum security

Sharing sensitive data is a secure and automatically encrypted process (until E2E).



SecuFlows also indirectly optimises adjacent processes and simplifies them as a result.

How to easily transform your process into a secure SecuFlow

Frequently asked questions about SecuFlows

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