G. Peschke Print: A Passion For Print

Bild der G. Peschke Druckerei

The traditional pursuit of the highest possible quality combined with the secure mastery of the latest technologies. The Peschke Druckerei founded in 1963 welcomes digitization and is happy to adapt to this digital change. With 120 employees, the printing shop processes more than 7,500 individual orders annually and supplies both large and small companies of all industries.

For an optimal flow of the ordering processes, it is important that, above all, the reception of large amounts of data works smoothly. The Peschke Druckerei uses the various features of the FTAPI solution for this purpose.

“When selecting an appropriate tool, it was crucial for us that we could not only exchange large amounts of data, but often also single files of several (hundred) GBs that we receive from our customers,” explains Andreas Knorr, Head of IT / EDV, G. Peschke Druckerei. With FTAPIs SubmitBox and SecuTransfer, customers can securely upload and provide data of any size.

“The upload stability for very large files is particularly beneficial for us. In case of an interruption of the internet connection, the upload is simply resumed after the interruption,” remarks Andreas Knorr.

Since 2013, Peschke Druckerei has been one of the satisfied customers of FTAPI. That the solution has become such an important part of the daily business at the printing shop can also be attributed to the easy application.

Above all, the Outlook Add-In, which allows us to work in a familiar environment, is used daily by us, for example to send the PDFs for print approval,” says Andreas Knorr. “The intuitive user interface is easy to understand and the administrative effort is low. Just as simple that we can also expect our customers to work with the system without any problems.”