Success Story: Port of Switzerland

Secure Data Exchange

The gateway to worldwide shipping – the Port of Switzerland (Schweizerische Rheinhäfen) is the transshipment site for 12 per cent of Swiss imports. The organisation ensures that all conditions for transshipment are in place and that the port remains an attractive logistics location.

Its numerous responsibilities include managing the onshore port areas and coordinating infrastructure projects, which require lively communication with engineers, experts, public authorities, etc.
In October 2014, the organisation put together a list of requirements a suitable project platform for this exchange should meet.

“We were looking for a simple and innovative in-house solution for secure data management. Large volumes of data and a considerable number of parties involved had to be coordinated and managed accordingly,” Jan Riemek, Junior Project Manager, names a few of their requirements. “FTAPI met all of our requirements, so we chose the software solution from Munich.”

Since setting up FTAPI, using a secure data platform has become a standard in day-to-day business and projects at Port of Switzerland. Selected internal and external parties involved can access the current work status and edit or add data.

“By hosting the software on an own server, the data remains in-house,” Jan Riemek explains. For the Swiss company, a cloud solution for secure data management was out of the question.