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Automotive / Aviation


"We have been an FTAPI customer since 2013. We meanwhile use almost all of the Munich encryption solution's features in our everyday business, greatly benefitting from the system's security when sending sensitive data such as scanned contract documents. In addition, the option to send large amounts of data using FTAPI makes it significantly easier for us to communicate with advertising agencies, manufacturers and photographers. We use the data rooms as a secure data platform when working on projects with consultants or auditing companies."

Mike Otto, Investor Relations / Market Research

FTAPI Referenz Eberspächer
FTAPI Referenz Dr. Schneider
FTAPI Referenz Akka
FTAPI Referenz Preh
FTAPI Referenz Rosenbauer
FTAPI Referenz Kiekert

Manufacturing / Electronics

FTAPI Referenz SSI Schäfer
FTAPI Referenz Starlim Sterner
FTAPI Referenz Bourns
FTAPI Referenz Hydro Extrusion
FTAPI Referenz Moba
FTAPI Referenz Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

Mechanical engineering

kurtz ersa

"While looking to replace our FTP server, one of our customers who was already using SecuTransfer recommended FTAPI to us. We meanwhile use the entire FTAPI product portfolio in many different areas and are currently introducing the system in our subsidiaries in the USA and in Asia."

Jürgen Irmer, Team Leader IT Infrastructure

FTAPI Referenz Flottweg
FTAPI Referenz Kurtz Ersa
FTAPI Referenz Kawasaki Robotics
FTAPI Referenz Hermle
FTAPI Referenz SMS Group
FTAPI Referenz Weckerle

Electronics / Energy


"Before using FTAPI, queries from our employees regarding e-mail file exchange were piling up. Our system's maximum size for e-mail attachments was not sufficient any more. Adapting the IT security guidelines was out of the question for reasons of security, and most of the systems the companies we communicate with do not accept e-mails of several hundred megabytes in size anyway. We found our solution in FTAPI, and the most important feature for us is that our employees can keep using Outlook to send e-mails. "

Thomas Schullerus, IT System Manager for Mobile Devices

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FTAPI Referenz SWP Pforzheim
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FTAPI Referenz Überlandwerke Rhön
FTAPI Referenz Stadtwerke Marburg
FTAPI Referenz Thüga


FTAPI Referenz Voxeljet
FTAPI Referenz Profiroll
FTAPI Referenz Enpulsion
FTAPI Referenz Budde Industrie Design
FTAPI Referenz FIT
FTAPI Referenz Maqsima

Construction / Real estate

Amstein + Walthert AG

"FTAPI is a young company with a young product, which is widely endorsed among our users. Our customers' reactions to FTAPI have also been positive without exception."

Daniel Hintermann, Head of IT

FTAPI Referenz Peri
FTAPI Referenz Vonovia
FTAPI Referenz Kemna
FTAPI Referenz Julius Berger
FTAPI Referenz Wolff & Müller
FTAPI Referenz Amstein + Walthert


FTAPI Referenz Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz
FTAPI Referenz Bundesärztekammer
FTAPI Referenz Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
FTAPI Referenz Schweizerische Luftrettung
FTAPI Referenz KAGes
FTAPI Referenz Spörer

Towns & District Administrations

FTAPI Referenz Stadt Bayreuth
FTAPI Referenz Kanton Luzern
FTAPI Referenz Bayerisches Landesamt für Steuern
FTAPI Referenz Landkreis Ostallgäu

Media agency / Press

FTAPI Referenz Peschke Druckerei
FTAPI Referenz Raiffeisen Druckerei
FTAPI Referenz Schaffrath Medien
FTAPI Referenz Ullstein Buchverlage
FTAPI Referenz Martin et Karczinski
FTAPI Referenz Blue Summit

Software / IT consulting

valviso Consulting GmbH

As a specialised consulting firm, we focus on merging information technology with the media industry. This is an important step into a digital future. In doing so, we place great value in data protection and security, which is always guaranteed with FTAPI."

Timo Schusser, Managing Director

FTAPI Referenz Forum f. Gesellschaft
FTAPI Referenz Novum
FTAPI Referenz Ingentis
FTAPI Referenz Bridge4IT
FTAPI Referenz iteratec


HR Campus

"Our range includes payroll services. FTAPI is thus the ideal platform for us to exchange data with our customers in a secure way. In addition, FTAPI data rooms provide us with a central place to store project documents, where selected people can access them." 

Manuel Berger, Team Leader IT Infrastructure

FTAPI Referenz Job Transfair
FTAPI Referenz Volkshilfe Wien
FTAPI Referenz techem
FTAPI Referenz Notariat am Alstertor
FTAPI Referenz Kommunaler Sozialverband Sachsen

Finances / Insurance companies / Law

Alphapay AG

"As a debt collection partner for insurance companies, banks and public authorities, we place great emphasis on maximum security of our online data exchange. FTAPI makes it possible for us to transfer data of the highest security level with end-to-end encryption." 

Raphael Galatti, ICT Project Manager

FTAPI Referenz VVO
FTAPI Referenz Creditreform
FTAPI Referenz Uniqa
FTAPI Referenz Volksbank Bielefeld
FTAPI Referenz Ebner Stolz
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