Automated requesting of online test results

An automated, secure software solution for clinics, medical practices, and laboratories

Clarity instead of uncertainty: Your patients would like to get results of laboratory tests as quickly as possible and know where they stand. Usually, several days go by until they receive the findings through the mail or at their next doctor appointment. There is a faster and much more pleasant alternative: Patients can view test results and findings online, as soon as they are available. To offer this service as a medical practice, laboratory or clinic, you need a software solution. This software solution must meet three primary requirements:

  • It must be fast and easy for patients to operate
  • It must meet all requirements imposed on data security and data privacy
  • It must not cause any additional effort for you as provider

With software from FTAPI you integrate such an offering into your website within a few days. Your patients need only a unique ID (e.g. a test number ) and an email address to retrieve findings online. The solution is fully GDPR-compliant All processes are automated. 

With online test results request you save yourself a lot of work and expense and your patients are spared days full of uncertainty.

Your advantages with the automated, digital test results request

How your patients benefit, when you offer an online test results request


Test results can be viewed immediately

There is no longer a wait time: Patients can view test results as soon as they are available in your system – 24/7


Really easy to operate

Patients need only enter one or two data items in a simple online form, to retrieve their online test results.


Completely secure and GDPR-compliant

All data is transmitted encrypted, in accordance with GDPR regulations and all data is automatically deleted after a defined period of time.


Zero costs for management and mailing

You save all expenses associated with manual management of test results and for mailing the results.


Unique assignment of recipients

No more mix-ups: The recipients identify themselves with a unique ID and their email address.


More time for patients

Instead of managing laboratory test results, you can use the time you save for treating your patients.

Automated transmission of test results with FTAPI: It’s simple; here’s how it works

FTAPI works with all laboratory software

We also connect FTAPI to your laboratory solution. In this regard, we offer standard connections and we can also develop a number of custom interfaces.

Why work with FTAPI?

You will benefit by choosing FTAPI for automated provision of test results and laboratory findings; here’s why


Flexible, universal implementation

FTAPI exchanges data with other systems via standard interfaces such as REST-API. Not only can you use it to request test results, you can also use it to connect many other systems and to digitalize other processes.


Ready for use within a few days

After your order, we will set up the online test results request at your location within a few days – your can use it immediately thereafter.


Certified in accordance with ISO 27001

FTAPI is certified in accordance with ISO 27991 and it meets the highest information security requirements. Thus we are also a reliable partner for companies in security-critical environments.

The FTAPI solutions for your online test results

Three FTAPI products interact for the online test results request: Use FTAPI SecuForms to build the online secure form; FTAPI SecuFlows regulates the automated data transmission between the systems, and FTAPI SecuMails sends the notifications to the recipients.

Do you have any questions?

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