Security features and add-ons

FTAPI stands for 100% data security and data protection.

With the FTAPI platform, data exchange processes can be mapped and automated securely and easily. The backbone is the leading SecuPass technology. Compliance and DSGVO can thus be implemented with ease. FTAPI software is 100% made & hosted in Germany.

FTAPI security functions.

Implement security standards quickly and easily. Uncomplicated administration.

Brute force protection

The system provides native brute force protection. This prevents unauthorized access to FTAPI accounts through the multiple and automated entry of passwords. The brute force protection informs administrators about a possible attack if too many incorrect entries are made and can temporarily block affected accounts if desired.

Groups & Permissions

Share accesses including permissions as you like. You can easily manage and administrate your users via different groups. Use the standard groups provided by FTAPI or create new groups yourself and adapt them to your requirements.

Password policy

By setting password policies, you can define the level of security your users need to meet when creating or resetting an FTAPI password. Password policies can be set to any level of complexity.


Reduce spam and protect your system from DDoS attacks. Captcha tests are easy to use for users and allow you to detect bots with just one click.

Ready to protect your sensitive data reliably and easily?

Let our experts advise you individually and experience in a product demo why millions of users trust the secure data workflows of FTAPI.

FTAPI Add-Ons.

Extra security to protect user accounts. And best possible user experience.

Premium virus scanner from G DATA.

On request, FTAPI activates G DATA’s cloud-based premium virus scanner at the touch of a button for customers to protect against unwanted code. This means that malware is identified, isolated and eliminated before it even enters the system. The extra plus in security.


Good software also requires the trust of users. A secure and at the same time simple login process makes this possible without any hurdles. Therefore, use the single sign-on procedure for logging on to the FTAPI platform.

The advantage is obvious: the comprehensible “password fatigue” is circumvented and the security of user accounts is not jeopardized by another, insecure password.

Two-factor authentication.

Protect your users’ accounts from malicious access by third parties. For this purpose, add another authentication level when logging in – in addition to the password entry. FTAPI offers the SMS-TAN procedure by default for further authentication. Additional security in the login process is now often mandatory for sensitive accounts and accesses.

You too can use two-factor authentication to provide additional security for your user accounts.

Double authenticated registration.

In addition, the FTAPI platform already offers double authentication during registration. This ensures the authenticity of new user accounts. Quite simply via the SMS-TAN procedure.

How FTAPI ensures the security and integrity of your sensitive data.

Get a comprehensive overview of how FTAPI works and the security measures used.
FTAPI Security Statement. An overview of the function, security and operation of FTAPI SecuCloud.

Secure file transfer with FTAPI.

Your advantages.

Highest security

You have the option between four different security levels – from secure download links to end-to-end data encryption.


Online data transfer is guaranteed to be data protection compliant according to all applicable laws in Germany and the EU.

"Zero-Knowlege" principle

Nobody except sender and receiver have insight into the sent data – not even FTAPI.

Made & hosted in Germany

The software and the data are hosted in a German data center. Thus, the legal requirements (DE + EU) for the protection of personal data are met.

Authorities, companies and operators of critical infrastructure trust FTAPI.