Digitalization and Cyber Security in Hospitals Decide How To Proceed

The rapid spread of the coronavirus presents us all with unprecedented challenges. Hospitals in particular are in the spotlight, because that is where it is decided how to proceed. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are not expected to take the general situation into account. Under the vision “Securing Digital Freedom” FTAPI Software GmbH has been committed to the security and preservation of digital identities of companies since its foundation and is market leader for secure data transfer. FTAPI and IONOS cloud, the leading European provider of hosting and cloud services, have therefore decided to provide unbureaucratic support to affected organisations. They provide on-demand and ad-hoc a GDPR-compliant infrastructure with maximum security against the US CLOUD Act, which all employees can use.

More than one hundred health care institutions already trust FTAPI, and that long before the corona crisis started. Larger hospitals in particular use the Secutrans, Secuforms and Datarooms modules to securely store and jointly process data of any size. The platform, which guarantees the highest data security standards thanks to end-to-end encryption and GDPR-compliant hosting in Germany, allows large volumes of data to be sent flexibly. This includes all sensitive personal patient documents.

Digitalization can reduce sources of infection

FTAPI can help these institutions decisively in the current situation in a further point: Flattening the curve – that is, delaying the increase in infections as long as possible in order to relieve the burden on the health system – is the declared pan-European strategy. This works best if social contacts are avoided as far as possible and all other ways of transmitting the virus are also contained. However, this is difficult in practice when many procedures are not yet digitally processed but are based on personal contact or paper processing. FTAPI therefore provides an encrypted input channel in the form of customizable forms, which can be used, for example, to conveniently register patients or report infections.

The success in the fight against Corona stands and falls with the health care facilities, above all the hospitals. This is where all the data that is necessary for the treatment of the patients comes together. Findings of the family doctor, messages from the health department, laboratory reports and so on. A multitude of information and the size of the data makes it even more difficult. If an X-ray of the lungs is still relatively small at 30 MB, a 3D CT scan will bring together a proud GB.

Already a popular target for hackers at normal times

Even in normal hospital routine, this data is a sought-after target for hackers. At present, however, the risks posed by such attacks are even higher because it is becoming apparent in the current pandemic that capacities are likely to reach their limits even without the consequences of such an attack. Cyber attacks could then have devastating consequences. This data is a tough nut to crack: apart from sensitivity, the success of further treatment, and in extreme cases even the life of the patient, often depends on fast and error-free processing and transmission.

Ready for action. Everywhere. Free of charge!

Therefore FTAPI, in cooperation with IONOS, now offers a completely new way of ensuring this. Provided via a highly secure cloud infrastructure, data of any size can be exchanged in encrypted form. Thanks to maximum user-friendliness and minimum requirements for your own IT, secure communication can be started in a few minutes – all you need is an e-mail address to register and a web browser to use the data exchange. “Together with our partner IONOS we would like to help hospitals, authorities and public institutions in an uncomplicated way”, says Ari Albertini, Head of Product Management at FTAPI Software GmbH.

The offer is valid during the Corona crisis and is free of charge. It is aimed at all companies of systemic importance. Among other things, hospitals can carry out digital pre-registration in order to process the rush of patients in a structured way. Government agencies will receive a secure digital channel to the Chancellery in Berlin. Doctors, for example, are able to transmit medical reports digitally to the public health department on an ad hoc basis.

Fast help for hospitals, public institutions and all who need it

The use is also conceivable for companies that are urgently looking for a possibility to transmit or receive data in a legally secure manner. “Anyone who needs our support can simply get in touch with us,” says Ari Albertini. In this way, they can provide their employees with a legally compliant infrastructure during this difficult time within a few hours and thus avoid personal contact points as far as possible.


FTAPI is a German software provider with headquarters in Munich. The core product FTAPI SecuTransfer is based on the specially developed SecuPass security technology and stands for simple and secure data exchange for companies and public institutions.

FTAPI’s Secure Cloud Platform enables data protection compliant collaboration with customers, partners and employees on highly sensitive data and worldwide access to it. For this purpose FTAPI combines state-of-the-art encryption technology with a maximum of user comfort and a multitude of automation possibilities.

In addition, FTAPI helps to digitize work processes that require special protection quickly and easily.

Enormous potentials can be raised by using the FTAPI automation platform, especially for recurring tasks.

Under the vision “Securing Digital Freedom”, FTAPI is thus committed to the preservation of the identity of individuals, companies and public institutions.

FTAPI is the market leader in the German-speaking world, but is now used by thousands of companies in over 120 countries. More information is available at