Frequently asked questions about SecuRooms

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What’s the difference between SecuTransfer and SecuRooms?

SecuRooms are secure data rooms by FTAPI. Unlike SecuTransfer, they are not designed for sending or receiving files but rather for securely storing data and granting access to specific individuals. The focus here is on securely sharing and using files with others, e.g. as part of project work. This can be shared with both internal and external users. The data is end-to-end encrypted and only authorised persons can access this data and decrypt it from anywhere in the world.

Why do I need secure data rooms?

Data rooms can be used in various ways. Most commonly, they are used for securely working with other people on large projects, as part of due diligence checks or where sensitive communication is required, e.g. among company board members or management. Defined standards and compliance guidelines now exist across various industries to ensure the secure exchange of data. Data rooms are also used in tax consultancy and auditing (e.g. storing and providing sensitive documents), in clinics, manufacturing companies and authorities.

Which devices and browsers can I use to access the data rooms?

Data rooms are accessed via a corresponding data room client or via our data room app. In future (end of 2021), data rooms will be easily accessible via the browser.

What type of files can I store and how much storage space is available?

You can generally store all standard file types regardless of their size in our data rooms.

Where are my confidential data and trade secrets stored?

FTAPI exclusively uses secure data centres based in Germany. Depending on the package or options chosen, files are stored in certified high-security data centres. Renowned FTAPI partners include SysEleven and 1&1 IONOS.

Can FTAPI see the content of what I store in the data rooms?

No. FTAPI works based on zero-knowledge protocol. This means that nobody other than the authorised users can view and decrypt an encrypted document.

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