Email encryption with Outlook

Convenient email encryption in Outlook – efficient and reliable with FTAPI software.

End-to-end email encryption without detours with the Outlook add-in.

Do you want to encrypt your emails without leaving your usual Outlook mailbox or even switching to another software solution? Outlook is probably one of the most used applications in the corporate environment. However, when you need to send large files securely, the email program quickly reaches its limits. It is not possible to either send data in encrypted form or securely receive large and/or sensitive files without an additional plugin in Outlook.

Data protection guidelines in Germany and Europe are becoming increasingly stringent. At the same time, many companies still do not send their emails and sensitive file attachments in encrypted form. FTAPI offers an efficient and secure solution for this: send sensitive file attachments of any size easily with the FTAPI SecuMails Outlook add-in. The Outlook add-in is based on highly secure encryption technology – coded & hosted in Germany.

Protect your company communication!

Outlook add-in for email encryption.

The Outlook add-in enables you to use the secure storage and transmission technology from FTAPI in your familiar working environment. Write emails as usual, add file attachments of any size as required and send your data in encrypted form. Choose from four security levels and send even the largest amounts of data with end-to-end encryption.

No more problems with large files.

Most important features of the Outlook add-in.

  • Files and text in the email message are sent with end-to-end encryption, if required.
  • Select the validity period for the download link as well as the desired security level directly in the user interface of the Outlook mailbox.
  • Attach even the largest files to the email as an encrypted download link in just one click and slim down your outbox.

Email encryption with FTAPI SecuMails.

Email encryption couldn’t be simpler: send sensitive data in encrypted form and in compliance with data protection laws in Outlook – with proven FTAPI encryption technology, all without prior IT knowledge and with little need for support directly via your mailbox. The FTAPI solution SecuMails can be quickly implemented and is easy to use.

Simple & possible to implement without prior IT knowledge.

FTAPI SecuMails.

With FTAPI SecuMails, you can send and receive files of any size easily via email or via a web interface directly in the browser. The software enables the secure data transfer of sensitive and large files between customers, partners and colleagues. Easily implement your company’s data protection policies in your daily communication – from anywhere and easy to use – with automated key exchange and, if required, with end-to-end encryption.

There are numerous ways to use FTAPI SecuMails exactly as you need.

Outlook Add-In
Outlook Add-In
Email encryption and sending large files directly in a familiar environment.
Sending data easily and securely via the browser.
Send and receive large/sensitive files/data securely – via the digital mailbox.
iOS App
iOS App
Sending data in encrypted form from your smartphone.

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Andreas Knorr

“Especially the Outlook Add-In, which allows working in a familiar environment, is used by us every day. The intuitive user interface is easy to understand and the administration effort is low.”

Head of IT/EDP at G. Peschke Druckerei

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Advantages of the FTAPI Outlook add-in.

Implement data protection guidelines in your company with ease. FTAPI provides you with the highest safety standards in email encryption in Outlook with software from Germany. A German-speaking customer support team is also available to assist you.

Use your existing email address

The Outlook add-in enables you to send encrypted emails as usual in your work environment with your existing email address.

No size limit

Send data of any size either directly by dragging and dropping or as an encrypted download link.

Secure and traceable

Choose from four security levels and set the validity period for the download. Receive confirmation of download for complete transparency.


No, the e-mail recipient does not need the Outlook add-in or a FTAPI account to receive the sent file attachment.
No, with the FTAPI SecuMails Outlook Add-In even very large data can be sent as e-mail attachments without any problems. The size restrictions of your mail server will not be exceeded by storing the attached file(s) encrypted on the highly secure FTAPI server when sending with FTAPI SecuMails and then adding a download link in the attachment.