Every department needs FTAPI

Digitize your communication processes in every department

FTAPI offers you the possibility to send your data easily and securely.
You benefit from a maximum of security and simplicity.

Each of your departments sends different data. Marketing is often faced with the challenge of sending large image files. The HR department, on the other hand, must ensure the protection of personal data such as pay slips or the receipt of application documents.

FTAPI offers you the right solution.

Sales and distribution

FTAPI helps to digitalize your analog administration processes easily, quickly and above all securely. By eliminating many time-consuming, paper-bound processes, you increase the efficiency of your sales force by giving them one thing: time for the customer!

Send offers, price indications and much more about FTAPI. Manage tenders or larger projects via FTAPI data rooms or automation with our Add-On Processes.

Receive orders or invoices digitally via SubmitBox or SecuForms instead of by fax or letter.

Finance & Accounting

Accounting, payroll accounting, tax and legal communication are among the most sensitive business processes. If this is to be done electronically, it is normally associated with considerable effort.

FTAPI enables you to exchange highly secure ad hoc documents for auditing, tax and legal advice and payment transactions. Without your recipients having to have their own encryption infrastructure.

Secure and digitalize your invoice in terms of e-invoicing. Pickup confirmations enable absolute auditing security.

Your payroll department can use FTAPI to send or exchange salary statements or other sensitive HR documents securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Human resources

Human Resources has many challenges as defined by GDPR. After all, the data are personal per se. On the other hand, personnel processes offer a very large potential for increasing efficiency. The payroll alone, which is paper-based in almost all companies, is a major factor.

Send digital pay slips easily and securely with FTPAI Payslip, for example, even without an employee portal.

FTAPI also supports you in E-Recruiting in the exchange of application documents including the transfer to internal systems and automated, encrypted filing and deletion within the defined deadlines. The sending of contracts incl. confirmation of receipt and automated filing is possible via our system as well as the communication via REST API with LinkedIn and Xing Talentmanager.

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