Secure data exchange

Virtual data rooms for the secure exchange of large files and sensitive data

Make files available for download in an uncomplicated and secure way

The secure exchange of data on the Internet still poses challenges for many companies: Home office and mobile working have increased the share of shadow IT – and therefore also the number of breaches of the data protection directives that apply throughout Europe, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

When it comes to exchanging large, sensitive files, many professionals use insecure file sharing providers, even in a professional environment. In the long run, this is not only risky, but also impractical. Email mailboxes and free cloud services quickly reach their limits when exchanging large files, as the data capacities of these solutions are quickly exhausted. 

FTAPI informs you about solutions for your secure data exchange.

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Solutions for data exchange via the Internet

FTAPI revolutionizes data exchange in your company.

Store confidential information and business data encrypted in the data room. FTAPI offers an innovative cloud application and considers data protection in a comprehensive, user-oriented and sustainable way. In virtual data rooms from FTAPI, you store your data in encrypted, audit-proof and GDPR-compliant form.

FTAPI SecuRooms – secure data rooms for Enterprise File Sharing

Store large files and sensitive data securely in the browser-based virtual data rooms FTAPI SecuRooms. Exchange data of any size encrypted over the Internet – even across company boundaries. FTAPI SecuRooms can be integrated immediately into your company IT without a long lead time.

This is how you benefit from virtual data rooms:

  • Share large files securely across digital channels. 
  • Implement GDPR guidelines in internal and external file exchange.
  • Prevent data loss and copyright infringement.
  • Protect personal data and even the largest files reliably in virtual space.
  • Easily comply with all compliance regulations and contractual obligations towards customers or partners.

Secure data exchange with FTAPI

– Your advantages –


Highest security

FTAPI SecuRooms uses SecuPass technology with AES 256-bit encryption – the software is “hosted & made in Germany”.


Location-independent use

Encrypted online data exchange – at any time and anywhere in the virtual data room.


Zero-knowledge principle

Nobody sees your files – not even FTAPI.


User friendliness

Browser-based, easy use – practical alternative to FTP and the like.



The files are encrypted and therefore stored in accordance with data protection regulations


Simple assignment of roles and rights

Assign and manage file shares individually.

Use Cases

FTAPI SecuRooms – the virtual data rooms

Securely and easily share, make available and share sensitive data.