Securely automate data workflows

Automate digital workflows & efficiently map business processes

Improve your productivity with automated workflows

Although digitalization is advancing and in spite of helpful tools are you lacking scalable automation of your business processes? Are you and your colleagues still dealing with too many time-intensive work procedures? Get your work humming: Create synergy effects within your activity flows and carry out repetitive tasks automatically thanks to workflow automation.

Increase your productivity now and at the same time reduce the level of error susceptibility of digital workflows in your company. Use FTAPI software to convert your digital process into an efficient process. Not only will you optimize your business processes, you will also facilitate collaboration between colleagues, external partners, citizens or customers. 

Advantages of automating business processes

  • GDPR-compliant protection of all data in the workflow
  • Fewer time resources required for repetitive 
  • More time for more complex issues

  • Effective further processing of incoming data & files
  • Improved user experience for all users

What business processes can be automated?

All business processes in which digital data is routinely exchanged, received or sent are ideally suited for  workflow automation. The number of data processing procedures increases with the degree of digitalization in the company and organization. The more processes that are running digitally, the greater the potential for automation.

If some or all of these statements apply to your business processes, then it is highly likely that you have untapped automation potential:

  • Repetitive, compartmentalized, and monotonous work steps block intellectual resources.
  • You receive data digitally, however you must process it manually.
  • Manual status queries concerning work procedures take up a lot of time.
  • A person can only perform the specific work steps in parallel either with difficulty or not at all.

Solutions for automated business processes

With FTAPI your data flows in secure paths

Overflowing inboxes and organizational chaos become a thing of the past with FTAPI’s automated workflows. FTAPI facilitates digital business processes, by automating data entry and subsequent data processing. Effective digital workflows increase productivity in your company and they also increase employee satisfaction.

Structured input management

Make your data entry a secure and efficient process: FTAPI facilitates digital data input by automating data collection. With FTAPI SecuForms, you receive data that is structured by means of customizable forms, while FTAPI SecuFlows enable further processing of data across system boundaries. 

Automation in the HR area

Reduce administrative effort in your human resources department through digital payroll processing, practical online applications, as well as automated collection and maintenance of employee data. Automate your HR processes securely and efficiently. With FTAPI software your colleagues reduce paperwork, and they also win the “war for talent”.

Automation in the accounting area

FTAPI software makes secure process automation in the accounting organization quite simple. Provide smooth bookkeeping processes, secure and convenient – from digital receipt of invoice to electronic sending of invoices, and automated sending of reminders. Automated workflows offload your employees and ensure compliance with the most rigorous IT security standards.

Send data automatically 

Optimize repetitive processes by automating data transmission for specific task areas. With FTAPI software you send encrypted data automatically. Automate your workflows and protect sensitive data with GDPR-compliant FTAPI SecuFlows. 

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