Swiss Rhine Ports: Secure Data Exchange – a Standard

Bild des schweizerischen Rheinhafens

The gate to the world’s oceans – the Swiss Rhine ports are the transshipment points for 12 percent of all Swiss imports. The organization “Swiss Rhine Ports” ensures that the framework conditions for transshipment are given and the port remains an attractive logistics location.

One of the numerous areas of responsibility is the management of the port areas on the land side and the coordination of infrastructure projects, which requires an active exchange with engineers, experts, authorities and others.

In October 2014, a list of requirements was created, which should meet a suitable project platform for this exchange.

“We were looking for a simple and innovative in-house solution for secure data management. Large amounts of data and numerous participants had to be coordinated and managed accordingly,” explains Jan Riemek, Junior Project Manager, some of the requirements.

“FTAPI fulfilled our requirements so that we chose the Munich software solution”.

Since the use of FTAPI, a secure data platform has become a kind of standard in the daily work with projects for the Swiss Rhine ports. Selected internal and external participants can access the current work status and edit and supplement data.

“By hosting the software on its own server, the data remains in-house,” explains Jan Riemek.