Secure enterprise file sharing with the new FTAPI SecuRooms

Munich, July 27, 2022 – With the new FTAPI SecuRooms, the software company FTAPI Software GmbH offers an intuitive and at the same time secure way to share and manage data within and outside of one’s own organization in secure data rooms. FTAPI SecuRooms can be used as software-as-a-service from anywhere and at any time in the browser without client installation.

FTAPI SecuRooms secure data rooms enable effortless enterprise file sharing, allowing users to transfer, share and store files of any size in an encrypted manner. Each data room as well as each folder within a data room can be shared separately – whether for individual users or for user groups, whether internally or across company boundaries. In addition, individual roles with different editing rights can be defined for each person.
The user interface of FTAPI SecuRooms is deliberately designed to be simple and intuitive so that users can work with it immediately. Individual files or complete folders can be uploaded and moved simply by dragging and dropping. Users can use the data rooms directly browser-based under Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS as well as under Android.

With FTAPI SecuRooms, organizations thus provide their users with an official and secure space for data exchange: for example, for overarching projects, client and lawyer communication, in the area of mergers & acquisitions, for citizen communication or even for construction projects – risky freeware solutions thus become obsolete.

All data is stored exclusively in data centers in Germany and according to the zero-knowledge principle. Thanks to the simple and gradual assignment of rights at the person level, FTAPI SecuRooms are ideal for processing DSGVO-relevant data in a controlled manner. In addition to password-protected access to the data rooms, two-factor authentication is optionally available.

“Making data easy to share and available across company boundaries is becoming increasingly important for organizations to become even better digitally. But still many companies do not provide users with secure solutions for this – and this in times when cyber attacks are reported daily,” says Kornelius Brunner, Chief Product Officer of FTAPI Software GmbH.

“With our new FTAPI SecuRooms, companies and government agencies are finally putting an end to risky shadow IT by providing their users with an intuitive yet secure solution that increases data privacy and security.”

About FTAPI Software GmbH

The Munich-based software company FTAPI offers a comprehensive platform for simple and secure data workflows and automation. FTAPI connects people, data and systems securely, quickly and easily. Since 2010, more than 2,000 companies and more than one million active users trust in the products SecuMails, SecuRooms, SecuForms and SecuFlows – no matter if it is about sending or receiving data, structured data inbox, sharing confidential information or secure automation of data workflows: with FTAPI’s Secure Data Workflow Platform, sensitive data is protected at all times.

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