You can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions regarding our solution here. Please feel free to contact us personally or  check our manuals if you have any further questions.

FTAPI SecuTransfer is a secure and easy-to-use solution for companies to exchange digital documents of any file size. SecuTransfer is integrated into established work processes and lets users apply true end-to-end encryption without any prior technical expertise. Thanks to its usability, employees enjoy using SecuTransfer and isolated solutions are avoided.

FTAPI SecuTransfer's easy-to-use but powerful administrative and reporting functions allow companies to maintain control over their exchange of digital documents, both in-house and with external partners.

FTAPI SecuTransfer eliminates numerous work steps when sending digital documents. For example, SecuTransfer allows users to send very large files (even several Gigabytes) directly from their work interface. Even users without specific prior technical knowledge can easily send and receive end-to-end encrypted, sensitive documents.

FTAPI SecuTransfer helps administrators ensure control and traceability in exchanging digital documents and provide their users with an easy-to-use solution at the same time.
Your company benefits from increased efficiency, security and control when it comes to exchanging large or sensitive messages and documents. The adaptable look and feel allows you to use your SecuTransfer platform for communicating with partner companies, creating an innovative corporate identity for your company.

You can choose between our on-demand and our on-premise solution:

If you choose the on-demand solution, FTAPI takes care of the entire operation of your platform for you. We install your platform in a data centre in Germany and update it. You can fully focus on managing the system's contents (e.g. managing user groups, adapting the look and feel).

Alternatively, you can operate FTAPI SecuTransfer on-premise on your own server. With this solution, you have full control over all aspects of the operation at all times.

Sending large files often entails numerous difficulties. For example, mail servers usually have strict size limits for e-mail attachments. FTAPI allows you to send very large files directly from your familiar working environment.

End-to-end encrypted exchange of messages, files and documents guarantees that only the intended recipients have access to the contents sent. The encrypted data is either stored in German data centres (on-demand model) or directly at your premises, on your servers (on-premise model).

Thanks to a number of admin options and group-based rights management, administrators can adapt the system to their company's requirements. Protocols and reports help you keep a clear overview of the system's usage and condition.

After ordering, FTAPI SecuTransfer is quickly ready for use. Thanks to intelligent administration mechanisms, the platform regulates itself in many respects (e.g. automatic clearing of files after validities have expired, integration of user accounts from the AD).

Our goal is that admins need to put as little work as possible into the system's operative management and maintenance.

End-to-end encryption ensures that the contents sent can exclusively be read by the intended recipient. The contents are encrypted on the sender's device (e.g. in their FTAPI Outlook add-in) and only decrypted on the recipient's device (e.g. in their web browser). Even the operator cannot access end-to-end encrypted contents – in line with the zero-knowledge principle.

For end-to-end encrypted communication, each participant requires a personal pair of keys, consisting of a public and a private key. In order to encrypt a message for a certain recipient, the sender uses the recipient's public key. Contents encrypted with this public key can only be decrypted with the recipient's (secret) private key. This ensures that only the recipient can access the contents on their device.

You can find further details on how FTAPI SecuTransfer end-to-end encryption works in our Encryption Whitepaper.

In order to make this complex process of end-to-end encryption as simple as possible for every user, FTAPI automates key generation, key distribution and the actual encryption and decryption processes. Our goal is to make end-to-end encrypted communication just as easy to use as non-encrypted communication – so that the user won't even notice it.

FTAPI SecuTransfer is suitable for any company that would like to protect its business communication. The solution is designed in a way that it can be used for traceable exchange of sensitive and any volume of data in companies of any size – from SMEs to large corporations.

Yes, all you need to receive messages and documents with SecuTransfer is your existing e-mail address. When sending messages and documents you also keep using your recipients' e-mail addresses.

It is also possible to transfer existing e-mail addresses/user accounts to the system by means of LDAP.

No, with FTAPI SecuTransfer you can securely send documents to any e-mail address. This also applies to contacts outside of your company.
Communication can therefore take place directly and ad hoc – no time-consuming, tedious administrative processes (e.g. manually setting up accounts for new users).
Via your personal SubmitBox, you can also receive end-to-end encrypted documents from anyone, without them requiring an FTAPI account.

If you choose our on-demand solution, your company does not require any specific infrastructure to use SecuTransfer. Users can access the platform via their clients (e.g. directly in their browser or via the Outlook add-in). The platform can also be managed via a web interface. If you wish to use FTAPI SecuTransfer as an on-premise solution, our support team will gladly help you set up the system. Please contact us for a non-binding offer!

FTAPI SecuTransfer costs depend on the operating model, the number of user licences required, etc. Please contact us to receive a non-binding offer!

Yes, you can adapt FTAPI SecuTransfer's look and feel to your own requirements (e.g. your corporate identity), ensuring a uniform appearance.

The FTAPI company name is short for File Transfer Application Platform for Integration.

FTAPI SecuTransfer is exclusively directed at business customers. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to buy a single licence for private purposes.

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