FTAPI supports you with the EU GDPR

Is your company, like many others, not yet fully prepared for the EU General Data Protection Regulation? 
Then you urgently need to catch up, as the EU GDPR makes no exceptions. 

Starting 25 May 2018, all companies are required to exchange any personal contents in compliance with data protection.

FTAPI supports you on your path to communication that is compliant with regulations!

Employees, customers, partners and data protection officers will thank you for it.


What the EU GDPR regulates

Due to rapid technological developments and globalisation, data collection and exchange of personal data have increased considerably. This poses new challenges in terms of data protection.

The EU GDPR aligns protection of personal data throughout the EU, obliging every company to technologically and organisationally protect the collection and exchange of personal data. Data is personal if it is clearly associated with a specific individual or if this association can take place indirectly.

As we process an increasing amount of data in direct connection with employees, customers and partners every day, the EU GDPR concerns every single company without exception.

How FTAPI supports you

In order to prevent the EU GDPR from turning into a massive undertaking, FTAPI helps you make the exchange of personal data and documents simple and secure in all corporate functions – whether it is internal, with customers or partners. FTAPI provides you with a software solution that supports you in terms of both technology and procedure and is so easy to use that everyone enjoys working with it. This gives you a clear competitive edge and allows you to take a big leap towards adherence to the EU GDPR.

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Your advantages with FTAPI

Icon Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung

End-to-end encryption

True end-to-end encryption – even admins cannot access your data.

Icon Nachvollziehbarkeit


Who sent what to who and when.

Icon Löschfristen

Deletion deadlines

FTAPI automatically deletes sensitive documents.

Icon Integrität


Thanks to FTAPI's technology, documents cannot be changed.

Icon Reporting


Provide fast and easy reports on processing – exportable as PDF files.

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Login and download disclaimers

Login and download disclaimers with usage and date protection information.

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