An estimated 215.3 billion e-mails are sent every day. E-mails between companies, their partners and customers make up a tremendous share of this number. How to ideally organise such digital communication becomes a larger issue each year. Many companies would like to securely send, traceably archive and automatically transfer any volume of confidential data, which is why they consciously choose secure business communication. Find out here what advantages FTAPI can offer you and why we are a strong partner for your secure business communication. Let us help you take charge of your most important asset – your data.

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Daniel Niesler, CEO FTAPI Software GmbH

"We believe in a world where all processes are fully digitised. We achieve this by paving an efficient and secure way into the digital future for businesses with our products. Our core technology is our FTAPI platform, in which we have realised end-to-end encryption with cross-device key management, transfer and storage in a scalable, indefinitely expandable multi-client system."

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